Uber Eats Driver Scolds Customer On Their Receipt For Not Tipping Ahead Of Delivery — 'If You Can't Tip Get Your Own Food'

What is the appropriate time to tip? I'm taking a poll.

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For food delivery drivers, tips make up a decent amount of their income. So if a customer does not tip, delivery drivers can get pretty upset. But how much should customers tip on delivery orders and when should they tip their drivers?

One woman believes in tipping once they receive their food, but their driver had other assumptions.

The woman uploaded a video of an UberEats driver who wrote all over the delivery bag and receipt for not tipping upfront. 

Kristen Valenzuela, a dental hygienist, posted a video that showcased her bag of food and receipt written all over with the words, “If you can’t tip good, get your own food.”


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Valenzuela explained that she normally tips after she receives her food and that she does, in fact, know how to tip people. She mentioned that the delivery driver's behavior was “so unprofessional,” especially since Valenzuela had ordered the food for her sick grandfather who has been put on a hospice service.

Valenzuela, angered and shocked, revealed that she “thanked” the UberEats driver for “making their lives harder” and included a clip at the end of the video which showed them not leaving a tip but had instead given the driver a thumbs down review. 




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This driver may not have deserved a tip in the eyes of Valenzuela. However, it sheds a light on tipping culture in America.

A Reddit thread was posted on the popular subreddit r/doordash a platform where users discussed this particular matter. The comments throughout the thread mentioned that catering orders and ordering directly with third-party companies are the usual culprits for this tip-stealing scheme. 

The thread alerted customers to order directly from DoorDash and not third-party merchants so that their delivery drivers can receive the tips they earn. One user even posted a receipt that confirmed some merchants indeed do “steal” tips. 


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So, is it right to tip? Yes. Is it necessary to tip? That’s a question that a lot of people are conflicted with. 

For most people, tipping before receiving their food and sometimes adjusting the tip after is the way to go. For others, they would rather tip on the quality of service rather than in good faith and tip after they receive their delivery.


The discussion on when the “appropriate” time to leave a tip is always a hard conversation to have. And almost everyone agrees, "tipping culture is out of control.” This is just one instance when a delivery driver assumed the customer wasn't going to leave a tip and in “payback” they wrote rude comments all over the bag. Unfortunately, this type of situation has been getting worse.

The question still stands though, to tip or not to tip before you receive your food? The answer is harder than you think.

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