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'I've Been Having An Affair With My Stepmother' — Man Shares His Regret After Dad's Death

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A man made a shocking revelation that divided his family. 

The man confessed his actions in the subreddit, r/TrueOffMyChest, where he detailed how he started dating his stepmother. 

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He claims that he has been having an affair with his stepmother for years. 

He begins his post by sharing with other Reddit users that he had a tough childhood where he felt abandoned by both of his parents.

“Growing up my mother slept around so she always had different guys around, and it goes without saying she didn’t have great taste in men,” the man wrote. 

“Although my mother never physically abandoned me, I always felt emotionally abandoned by her, as if she chose herself and other men over me.” 

Additionally, the man revealed that his father was incarcerated for murder when the man was just two years old and wasn’t released until he was 16. 

Therefore, the man never knew his father growing up. “I didn’t wonder what it was like to have a father or envy children who had one. You can't miss what you never had,” he wrote. 

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“On top of that, the only adult males in my life were typically there for a very short period and were abusive in one way or another so I didn’t really have high opinions of ‘dads’ to begin with.” 

When the man’s father was released from prison, he reached out to his son and wanted to build a relationship with him. 

“At first, I was apprehensive since my mother had only ever told me horror stories about how he had abused her and other women, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to meet him however I agreed,” the man admitted. 

Thankfully, the two formed a strong father-son relationship after meeting for the first time.

“I don’t know what I was expecting but my father was smart, charming, and very charismatic, nothing like what I expected,” he wrote. 

A few years later, the man met his stepmother, Karmen, when she and his father started dating. 

“It was typical for him to have some random new girl over there anytime I showed up, so when I first saw her I didn't really pay her much attention, I figured it wouldn't be long until he swapped her out for someone else,” the man wrote. 

However, Karmen and his father’s relationship progressed, and she began getting closer to the man. 

The man shared that he and Karmen had originally begun texting when she suspected his father of cheating one night and asked the man about his whereabouts. 

“However as time went on and me and Karmen's relationship changed,” the man wrote. “She was always kind and sweet to me.” 

The man shared that Karmen was like a mother figure to him and he felt comfortable telling her anything. 

Their relationship took a serious turn after Karmen’s father passed away. “We spent most of the night sitting on her couch talking, she cried a lot, and I did my best to console her,” the man wrote. 

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“After a while, she wound up getting pretty drunk, and I had to carry her to bed.” 

After getting Karmen settled into bed, she asked the man to sleep in the bed with her. 

“She asked me in a casual way that didn't seem sexual to me at the time or inappropriate. It just seemed like she didn’t want to be alone,” the man wrote. 

“In the morning, when she woke up, we kissed each other and had sex for the first time.” 

Unfortunately, the man revealed that his father learned of the affair and things between them have not been the same since. 

Redditors criticized the man for his actions. 

“You are sleeping with your stepmother. You and she are both s—ty people,” one user expressed. 

“Son is also a s—ty human being. As is the stepmother. So it’s basically a s—tshow all around,” another user added. 

However, others sympathized with the man and blamed his actions on his rough upbringing. 

“I feel for you OP [original poster], and I don't judge you for finding love in all the wrong places,” one user wrote. 

“You are not in the wrong here. I just hope you can find the help you need and the happiness you deserve,” another user shared. 

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