Woman Claims Her Boss Fired Her After She Caught Him Cheating & Told His Wife

He claims she was fired for "excessive absences."

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A woman was fired after she exposed her cheating boss to his wife.

He claimed the reason he fired her had nothing to do with the fact that she spoke with his wife, and now she’s wondering if she messed up.

The woman shared her story on the subreddit thread "r/TIFU," which stands for “Today I F–-ked Up.”

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The thread allows people to share what they believe are mistakes that they have made in their lives recently with other Reddit users. 

The woman caught her boss cheating on his wife.

She began her post by stating that her boss has been a co-owner of their franchise for 5 years and that his wife is their office manager.

The woman referred to her boss as “M” and his wife as “E.”

“It's just three other people in the office. Me, and two female coworkers,” the woman shared.

She referred to her other two co-workers as “A” and “R.” 

The woman explained what happened one day when she went to ask her boss something during “A’s” lunch break. 


“He had his hands wrapped around her waist, grabbing her butt, and her arms were around his neck,” the woman described. 

She then claims that the two attempted to “play it off” and pulled away from each other.

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The following day, the woman and her husband were forced to stay home from their jobs due to a Covid exposure, and the woman decided to tell her boss’ wife, “E,” what she saw in the office. 

“I messaged E and told her we needed to talk in person, but she said she's out of town until next week and to call her, so I did,” the woman said.

Upon delivering the news to her, her boss's wife was 'in shock.'

A few hours later while the woman was in the shower, her boss called — the woman’s husband answered. 


“M asked that I call him back, but I couldn't bring myself to do it because of how bad my nerves and anxiety were after everything that happened.” she shared. 

Eventually, the woman attempted to log into her work email account to check for the following week’s agenda.

It was then that she discovered that she had been locked out from her work and scheduling accounts, so she messaged her boss about the issue. 

“I messaged M, and he said I was no longer employed because of 'excessive absences' even though termination would be the 3rd offense, and this was the 1st,” she wrote.

The woman claimed that she was unable to do anything about her termination since she worked in an “at-will, right-to-work” state.


The woman said she contacted her lawyer, who told her that there was nothing she could do. 

Although the woman’s boss failed to mention that he knew that she had told his wife about his alleged work affair, the timing of firing her has some people raising eyebrows, and believe that it was not a coincidence and that her boss’ decision was made out of revenge. 

Some Reddit users gave her advice on how she should move forward with the situation. 

“I would say that if you file a wrongful termination suit and in it describe the circumstances leading up to your termination, dude is not going to want that in court,” one user shared. 

“I respect what you did but if it were me I would go the blackmail route and get a raise,” another user commented. 


Others criticized the woman for getting involved in her boss’ relationship and believed that it wasn’t her place to let her boss’ wife know about the affair, or that she should’ve waited to tell his wife when she wasn’t working for them anymore. 

“Come here to say this, the relationship is not the [original poster's] problem. Work is work, more money less work. Win-win. Or get a glowing reference from the boss leave then tell the wife,” one Redditor commented.


Others claimed that she was fired for a valid reason. “[Original poster] was not fired for a protected reason. Unless she lives in Montana, there is no wrongful termination here,” another user shared. 

The woman followed up with her post clapping back at those who claimed that she was in the wrong for telling her boss’ wife about the affair. 


“When an affair is happening 10 feet from my desk in an office I'm in 40 hours a week and I work with all three of the people involved??? That's my business now,” she wrote.

“I didn't ask to walk in on them. It just happened. Maybe people shouldn't conduct their affairs where they work. But that's too hard for some of you to wrap your minds around.”

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