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'I'm Glad I Walked In On My Husband Cheating' — Woman Reveals Surprising Reaction To Husband's Infidelity

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People usually suffer through heartbreak when they find out about their partner’s infidelity, however, one woman was relieved she made the shocking discovery.

She then took to Reddit’s “r/TrueOffMyChest” thread to share the story about how she discovered her husband, Matthew, sleeping with someone else.

The woman’s husband cheated on her after the two decided to have an open marriage.

After being married for several years, Matthew came to the conclusion that he wasn’t sexually attracted to his wife anymore, but he didn’t want to divorce the woman as he still loved her.

As a result, he suggested having an open marriage where the couple can have their sexual needs met by other people while staying married to each other.

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“I was initially hurt by this because when he explained his reasoning he didn’t miss a beat when insulting me. I was no longer attractive to him because I aged (I’m currently 34),” the woman wrote.

“I agreed to the open marriage because I love him and didn’t want to lose him.”

As they were still married and loved each other, the couple felt it was necessary to have a list of rules when having other partners. 

Some of the rules included being transparent with each other about their partners, not having serious relationships and not sleeping with their partner at their home. 

When Matthew introduced one of his partners, Jamie, to the woman, she was blown away by his charm and beauty.

“I literally [witnessed] my husband’s type change in front of my eyes. Jamie and I are complete opposites…physically and personality-wise,” the woman explained.

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One day, when the woman went home from work to take a nap she ended up walking in her husband and Jamie in bed.

After discovering them together, she left the house and wandered around for the night while ignoring calls from Matthew and Jamie. 

Initially, she was angry at her husband but soon felt glad that she caught him cheating on her.

After spending some time alone and thinking about what she had just witnessed, she went home.

While her husband was trying to talk to her about what had happened, the woman stayed silent. 

She explained, “I don’t know what came over me, but I stopped him mid-sentence and asked for a divorce. ‘You don’t love me anymore and I don’t want to love you. I’m so lonely and I never had anyone nitpick my appearance more than you.’”

After witnessing it with her eyes, she realized that having an open marriage wasn't easy and felt hurt by her husband's actions.

At that point, she knew that her marriage had fallen apart.

Matthew thought that the woman was saying all of this because she had been overwhelmed by the situation and felt that she didn’t mean it, but the woman meant it, leaving the house after she said her piece.

“This was a breakthrough for me…I usually let people walk all over me, but I didn’t let him do it again today. I didn’t want the open marriage and I don’t want someone who puts me second,” the woman added.

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