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Study Reveals What Is The Most Popular Month To Have An Affair

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A study that surveyed 2,000 people has revealed what is the most popular month in the year for having an affair.

Affairs happen for a range of reasons — some justified, some not — but who knew that the time of year could be encouraging people to step outside their marriages?

While there is no set time for having an affair and people cheat on their partners all year round, research has discovered the most popular time of the year where people choose to have another partner.

The study reveals September is the most popular month for having an affair.

Illicit Affairs, a dating website for married people conducted a study and surveyed people about their dating preferences.

They found out that there’s a surge of about 22% in infidelity where people are most likely to start an affair at the beginning of Fall. 

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Many stated the summer as a reason for having an affair.

They felt that being with their partners during the long summer months while on vacation made them lose interest in them and made them seem more unattractive than usual.

January was previously believed to be the most popular month for an affair.

Older data suggests that the second Monday of a new year spurs on cheating.

But the data likely follows a similar pattern — couples being forced to spend time together over the holidays may want to kick off the new year with someone else.

The new data, however, examines relationships before and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The survey determined that the pandemic played a big part in people committing infidelity.

During the lockdown, people had been forced to be with their partners all day for such a long time. 

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Being forced to spend so much time with partners and having no means of escape pushed a lot of couples to the brink — and, clearly, some crossed a line.

While many enjoyed having private moments with their significant others, many craved the personal space and freedom they had before the pandemic occurred.

The website stated that they have had the most business in their 19-year history during the pandemic.

Additionally, as life everywhere is getting back to normal, people are returning to their workplaces in person which meant having more interaction with people.

Many have confessed that since they would be interacting with people at work, they would think about cheating on their significant others.

Being released from the confines of lockdown into a world of new and exciting people evidently inspired some infidelity — especially in September!

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