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Woman Reveals Why She Did Nothing To Stop Her Husband’s Affair After Seeing Messages On His Phone

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After finding out about her husband’s affair, one woman was relieved that she finally found a reason to break up with the man she didn't love anymore.

Posting to the subreddit, “r/TrueOffMyChest”, she explained how she fell out of love with her husband.

“We got married when I was 25. We had our ups and downs but for the last 3-4 years of our marriage, before it ended in 2020, we had stagnated,” she wrote.

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Sometimes, the couple would not talk to each other for days.

One day, the woman saw some messages from a young woman on her husband’s phone.

“To my surprise, when I was scrolling down I didn't feel hurt or anger or resentment but immense relief,” the woman explained.

She was relieved to see her husband had fallen out of love with her too.

“I could finally admit to myself that I wasn't in love with him anymore and now I know he's already moved on, I didn't need to feel guilty either,” she added.

She saw his affair evolve with this other woman.

It had been an online affair as the woman lived in another city and the two had yet to meet.

Soon enough both of them decided to meet up.

After her husband told her that he would be going on a trip, she happily bid him adieu.

“I texted him later that I wanted a divorce. He came home the next day and we started talking [about] divorce,” she explained.

At first, he had been a bit hesitant about going through with the divorce but the woman could tell his efforts were insincere.

He later found out from her best friend that she had known all along about his cheating and made no attempts to stop it.

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He felt that the woman had tricked him.

“My ex was livid…and that I have given up our marriage very easily. Also that he was feeling guilty going behind my back when I knew all along. I mean can he really think me knowing makes his cheating less..... cheating?” she explained.

They eventually got divorced but met once again later on with each of their partners.

She and her boyfriend were at the movies where she saw her ex with his fiancée.

At first, her ex was pretending to not see her but his fiancée came over to greet her so he came too.

They got into small talk and his fiancée congratulated the woman for her pregnant belly.

The fiancée then went on to tell them about their engagement so she congratulated them back.

“BF [boyfriend] congratulated them too and when he shook [hands] with EX and wished him luck, EX put [on] the widest smile and said that BF should wish himself good luck for me not to throw him like trash when I'm bored," she added.

"It became dead silent and the fiancee was looking daggers at my EX."

Later in the evening, she told her boyfriend about everything that happened with her ex.

Her boyfriend grew 'standoffish.'

He was shocked to find out about her reaction to the affair.

"I came clean and told him everything and he was kind of alarmed by my reaction but honestly until today I never even [gave] it a thought that I did anything wrong dealing with our situation," she wrote.

“I told my BF that I loved him and that we are a family now and expecting an addition.”

Regardless, he was reserved as she wondered what she could do.

One user tried to provide some clarity, asking, "What did you do exactly? sure you [could have] talked to him, but I understand why that's difficult and he [could have] initiated that convo as well."

"Is he not the one who treated you like trash because he got bored?"

"His guilt is because he knows he’s a twat and is trying to shift the narrative to make himself feel better," another user wrote about his comment to her boyfriend.

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