Kylie Jenner Accused Of 'Yelling' At Her Niece For Touching The Birthday Cake At Her Daughter's Party

The cake cost $7,000.

Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster, Dream Kardashian, birthday party @kyliejenner / Instagram 

A video surfaced of Kylie Jenner from her five-year-old daughter’s birthday party where she appears to be “yelling” at her six-year-old niece while singing “Happy Birthday” over the cake. 

The short clip has fans debating whether or not it was appropriate for Jenner to reprimand a child that was not hers. 

Kylie Jenner could be seen telling her niece ‘no’ as she was picking at her daughter’s birthday cake. 

The 25-year-old mother went all out celebrating her daughter, Stormi’s, fifth birthday. She spent over $100,000 on party decorations, festivities, and food for all of her guests, including $7,000 on a divine cake, decorated with edible flowers and a heart with “Happy 5th Birthday Stormi” written with frosting inside of it. 


A video of guests gathered around the cake, including Jenner, singing “Happy Birthday” to Stormi was originally posted by Jenner to her Instagram story and later reposted by Kardashian fan accounts on TikTok. 

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The footage depicts Jenner and Stormi seated behind the lit cake as guests celebrate, including Jenner’s six-year-old niece, Dream, the daughter of her brother, Rob Kardashian. 


As Dream approaches the side of the cake and curiously picks at the edible flowers, Jenner can be seen telling her, “don’t touch it,” before saying “no” repeatedly and lightly tapping her niece’s arm to steer her attention away from the cake. 

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Some fans were concerned that Jenner disciplined a child that was not hers. 

“Why did she have to yell at her niece like that?” one TikTok user commented. 


“She yelled, ‘no, no, don’t touch,” another user observed. 

However, others believed that some people were reading too far into the situation and that Jenner did not appear to yell.

“She doesn’t yell at all,” one user pointed out. 

Others shared that they have reprimanded their nieces and nephews for bad behavior. 

“I put my niece in check all the time.. that’s MY sister's kid. What’s everyone upset about???” one user commented. 

“Your nieces and nephews aren't ‘someone else's kids’ they are your family and damn near your kids too,” another user wrote. 

“She’s Dream's aunt she’s allowed to correct her behavior. She’d be a bad aunt if she didn’t,” another user shared. 


“I’d be yelling at kids too if they’re putting hands on things they aren’t supposed to be touching,” another user added. 

Stormi’s birthday party already sparked controversy due to the theme, with fans calling it ‘insensitive.’  

The theme of the party was “Stormiworld,” based on her father, Travis Scott’s, album and concert events he held dubbed as “Astroworld.”

In 2021, Scott founded the Astroworld Festival which resulted in tragedy after a deadly crowd crush killed 8 people and 2 more in the following days at hospitals. 


Scott was criticized for refusing to stop the show while the crush occurred and failing to provide adequate security. 

He currently has over 400 lawsuits against him for the incident suing him for around $1 billion in damages. 

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