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Kim Kardashian Tries To Match Stroller To Her Baby's Skin Tone In Resurfaced Video

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is often criticized for treating Black culture as a "trend" but a resurfaced video suggests that her ill-informed views on race may also extend to how she sees her children.

In a resurfaced video posted on Twitter, Kardashian is having a conversation with Scott Disick about her baby that is due to be born soon, and what kind of stroller she should get for them.

At the time, Kardashian was pregnant with North and filming for her show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Fans pointed out several odd occurrences about what she said in the clip, resurfacing allegations of “blackfishing” or caring too much about her children’s aesthetics before they’re even born.

Kim Kardashian wanted to match her stroller to her baby's skin tone.

During the episode, Kardashian puts together a stroller but expresses concern that the color of the fabric may not match her unborn daughter.

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“I want to send it to Kanye,” she said, referring to her then-husband and would-be father of her four children, Kanye West. “I’ve got to see what skin tone my child is before I can— ,” she starts, before being interrupted by Disick.

“Your kid’s going to be Black,” Disick says, accurately pointing out that, regardless of what the child looks like, they will be mixed race since West is a Black man.

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After Disick’s remark, Kardashian looks slightly taken aback as she stumbles over her words before carefully saying, “It will be a variation of a skin tone, so I’m just trying to see what colors would look good.”

“Remember when Kim Kardashian didn’t want to call her baby ‘black,’ so she called it a ‘variation of a skin tone’ to match the stroller?” said a tweet that brought the clip back to light.

Kim Kardashian is often accused of appropriating Blackness.

Kardashian has faced accusations of Blackfishing due to her excessive use of fake tan in photoshoots or her use of traditionally-Black hairstyles.

Blackfishing is when white (or lighter-skinned) people try to appear Black and partake heavily in Black culture without actually belonging to that culture. Without an understanding of the oppression or systemic racism that comes along with belonging to the Black community, trying to benefit from Blackness is deeply offensive.

Aside from the "blackfishing" accusations, Kardashian has been caught on several occasions photoshopping her children and her sister’s children to alter their skin tones.

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