Kim Kardashian Harsh Advice To ‘Go To The Gym’ If You Want Abs Slammed By Fans

Oh Kimberly, that was not a good idea.

Kim Kardashian Instagram

Kim Kardashian is under the microscope once again for the advice she posted on her Instagram about how to get the abs that so many people desire.

Posting to her Instagram, Kardashian shared a reel from a fitness trainer claiming to demonstrate how to get abs which Kardashian captioned, "simple as that." 

Kim Kardashian's advice for abs is "go to the gym."

In the video, which Kardashian quickly deleted from her story but not before fans screenrecorded it, the trainer says, "This is how you make it look like you have abs in every photo."


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"You put your foot like that," the man says as he steps his leg forward, "You rotate it, and you go to the gym you fat f-ck."


Kim Kardashian's Instagram abs advice is not going over well with her fans.

Kardashian's post on her Instagram has made her fans over on the Kardashian subreddit r/KUWTK very unhappy, as many are calling out the mother of four with a top comment that says it all, reading "someone who's been getting liposuction for 20+ years lecturing people about going to the gym...lord." 

"She is so out of touch now she probably truly believes she is right to share this," another comment reads.

Many criticize Kardashian for her post because she seems out of touch with the world today, either posting jokingly about something or seriously with the intent to promote something.

People also point out that Kardashian can buy the best trainers and dietitians worldwide to achieve the physical prowess that many can't.


Through the use of her wealth, she can attain the beauty standards she says are "attainable," which fans heavily criticize saying it's impossible.

Kardashian has done the work when it comes to getting muscle, hiring a personal trainer, sticking to a strict diet, and many forget that her figure comes down to her genetic structure too, but she doesn't realize that others may not be so lucky.

Some of her workout methods, however, have been questioned for efficiency and safety.

Her advice is akin to the "get up and work" advice she gave.

The advice she gave is similar to her Variety interview she gave with her sisters and mother saying, "I have the best advice for women in business: Get your f--king ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days."


As soon as the clip hit the internet, fans criticized the business tycoon and compared her to Marie Antoniette due to her lack of awareness of how poverty exists and is perpetuated by the high-end classes of society. 

People on social media pointed out the fact that Kardashian was born into wealth along with her siblings.

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"No one wants to work these days" feels backhanded to fans when it comes from someone who's made their fortune from a reality TV show about their life.

It isn't to say that she hasn't worked hard to get where she is today, just that it is far easier for her because her name holds weight.

She can secure deals easier with businesses considering she had the wealth before she launched KKW Beauty, SKIMS, and KKW Fragrance.

Kim Kardashian's trainer explained the process of how she gets the muscles and abs she wants.  

Melissa Alcantara, Kardashian's personal trainer, explained to Stylish how she wears Kardashian down.

In anticipation of Kardashian's SKIMS swim launch, she said, "it gets more intense, less rest time, less chit chat — there’s always a little bit of that with your training buddy.” 


"Some days, we do really heavy lifting and less reps. Other days we’ll do moderate lifting and a little bit more reps to keep things in the aesthetic rep range,” she says.

When asked how much weight Kardashian can lift, Alcantara said anywhere from 80 to 100 pounds and using 30-pound dumbells.

As for abs, Alcantara explained the results of Kardashian's figure comes down to genetics — it's easier for some to gain weight, and for some, it's harder to lose weight.

Alcantara said they do weighted cable rope crunches and mix in ski abs that are done via a planking position and, finally, leg lifts supplemented by weighted balls.


Her muscle gain also comes from her diet.

Switching from processed foods to more unprocessed alternatives and a high protein diet as well, as was explained by Rachael Attard. 

"Before workouts, she eats simple carbs like sweet potatoes, healthy fats like avocados, and lean proteins like chicken giving her the fuel she needs to perform well during high-intensity training sessions," Attard explained on her website.

Kardashian does put in the work when it comes to working out, but she needs to understand that not everyone can achieve the goals she sets out.

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