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Fans Are Concerned As Khloe Kardashian Rapidly Loses Weight After Years Of Body-Shaming

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Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is no stranger to controversy, but this time fans, are more concerned for her health than they are with her latest Instagram caption.

After appearing on the most recent episode of the YouTube interview series "Hot Ones," many fans grew concerned about her weight loss journey, bringing up pictures of her physique. 

Khloe Kardashian's drastic weight loss has divided fans.

During the June 23rd, 2022, episode of "Hot Ones" Kardashian detailed the workout routine that she performs to keep herself looking the way she does. 

"Hot Ones" host, Sean Evans, showed a photo of Kardashian's defined back and asked what was the secret to her workout routine.

She revealed that her routine starts with cardio for five minutes, which could be full-body days where she focuses on upper or lower abs but ensures abs are always involved.

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She concluded by saying, "a lot of planks, a lot of push-ups. We use a lot of weights. Nothing is really calisthenics. Sort of a little bit of everything." 

"I have been working on more chiseling my body," she said when asked about her defined back. "I like muscle, it is really empowering."

Kardashian did admit that she doesn't like to be thin, saying, "I feel a sense of accomplishment after my workouts. Knowing I'm working on parts of my body." 

While staying fit is generally applauded in our society, many are concerned about her rapid weight loss.

Taking to Instagram, Kardashian recently posed in a pink bikini with a matching collared coverup exposing her ribs and a flat stomach.

Many noted how the bathing suit barely held onto Kardashian's frame, with fans taking to Reddit to express their concern.

Some pointed out that what happened to her years prior is now happening again. 

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In April of 2021, an unedited photo of Kardashian began circulating online, showing an unedited version for everyone to see.

But copies of the photo were removed under legal threats from the Kardashian legal team, but many called the image "beautiful" because she was showing something natural and not heavily overdone.

Fans have said Khloe Kardashian was one of the more "real sisters" but fear she is slipping away.

When referring to the photo, Kardashian said while the image was beautiful, it didn't capture her in the way she wanted it to. 

She has struggled with being body-shamed, being called the fat sister or the ugly sister, and how she has struggled with her image as well.

Fans believed she was the "likable sister" with how she looked years prior but now fear that with all the plastic surgery and weight loss, she is becoming someone that fans are beginning to no longer recognize.

Ultimately, Kardashian has the right to do what she feels is good for herself and shouldn't let the criticism or backlash make her feel any different. 

However, fans who look to her as a role model for body positivity have been left feeling dejected by this drastic weight loss.

There is nothing wrong with staying in shape, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But there's also nothing wrong with embracing your curves.

Be who you want to be and however you feel comfortable.

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