Kim Kardashian Called Out For Promoting ‘Better For The Planet’ Meat Substitute While Owning A Private Jet

Sounds a little hypocritical.

Kim Kardashian, Beyond Meat Instagram / Beyond Meat

Kim Kardashian is facing some backlash for her comments in a recent "Beyond Meat" commercial for their plant-based meat substitution.

The billionaire businesswoman was named the official “Chief Taste Consultant” (whatever that means) and naturally, many people took issue with the things she said and the things she pretended to do.

Fans called Kim Kardashian a hypocrite for supporting Beyond Meat being better for the planet and not eating the food.

"I believe so much in the mission of Beyond that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset,” Kardashian joked, “My taste."


Beyond Meat is one of the leading meat substitution companies in the world and has skyrocketed in popularity ever since the release of its products in 2012.

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“This plant-based meat is not only amazingly delicious,” Kardashian continues in the ad, “But it’s also better for you and better for the planet.”

Fans were frustrated with Kim Kardashian for claiming to care about the environment.

“I am really inspired by Beyond Meat's mission and love that they are not only making plant-based eating delicious and accessible but are doing so in a way that benefits both people and the planet,” she said in a statement.

“It's empowering to know that the small changes I'm making for my family, like incorporating more Beyond Meat into our meals, can add up to make a big impact.”

Fans took these statements from Kardashian and ran with them, pointing out that it’s hypocritical to claim you care about the environment while also owning and taking private jet flights for less than an hour of travel.


In fact, according to a celebrity private jet tracker, Kardashian’s private jet landed in Milan, Italy, earlier today after a 10.5 hr flight that burned over 35 thousand pounds of jet fuel and 56 tons of CO2 emissions.

These numbers pale in comparison to the worst offenders of CO2 emissions but are enough to be hypocritical when it comes to claiming you care about the environment.


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The Kardashians are also known for throwing lavish events and promoting overconsumption with the many businesses and paid marketing campaigns.


However, fans noticed that caring about the environment isn’t the only thing she’s pretending to do.

Throughout the video, Kim can be heard exclaiming about the smell and the taste of the food, but fans noticed that something doesn’t feel quite right about it all — she hadn’t taken any bites of the food.

While some of the foods “looked” like there had been bites taken out of them, Kardashian is never actually seen taking a bite herself.

In one clip, a burger is cleanly cut in half and held no bite marks even though it looked like Kardashian was chewing something in her mouth.


That said, the promotion is now, clearly, a success because all publicity is good publicity, and everyone is talking about Kardashian’s new role as the Chief Taste Consultant for Beyond Meat.

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