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Kendall Jenner Called Out For Repeatedly Photoshopping Her Waist In Bikini Photos

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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is being called out by fans for promoting body insecurity due to her photoshopping.

On Reddit, a fan pointed out that while Kendall's sisters, Kim, Khloé, and Kylie are often criticized for their excessive use of photoshop in their photos, Kendall's use of photo-altering tools mostly goes unnoticed.

In the post, photos that Kendall posted on Instagram were compared to candid images taken by paparazzi.

Kendall Jenner was accused by fans of photoshopping her waist in bikini photos.

From the side-by-side images, there was a noticeable difference in Kendall's waist, stirring a debate about the promotion of unrealistic standards and body issues among fans that follow her.

It's important to note that Kendall has access to a myriad of personal chefs, access to gyms, and personal trainers, along with being able to afford cosmetic procedures.

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The Kardashian-Jenner family has long been accused of promoting body image insecurities among the everyday people that follow them and are unable to reach that level of "perfection."

"It's insanely damaging. Even I, who was aware of the falsehoods and never really followed celebs too closely, felt like my waist wasn’t small enough," one Reddit user wrote.

Another user pointed out that the reality of these unattainable beauty standards, created by the Kardashians and Jenners, also damages how they view themselves.

"I feel sad for all of them with this crazy photoshopping/plastic surgery," the user wrote. "The whole family is beautiful yet feels the need to constantly present this false version of themselves, it's got to mess with their mental health in a big way."

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Kendall was previously called out for photoshopping her body during a campaign shoot.

In February 2021, Kendall modeled for her sister, Kim Kardashian's, SKIMS brand, however, the shoot caused major backlash.

On Instagram, Kendall shared images of herself for SKIMS' Valentine's Day shoot, which showed the model posing in a bikini.



She was accused of allegedly photoshopping her waist in the photos, with fans claiming that the images of her body proportions were "not real."

Fans noticed that Kendall's belly button appeared distorted and "completely different" in the original photos vs. the photos she selected to post on her social media account.

They also noticed that Kendall also may have edited the videos she posted from the shoot, pointing out how the curtain in the background appeared to glitch, which can happen due to editing.

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In the past, Kendall has tried to defend herself and her family from the accusations that they promote body issues amongst their fans.

During the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reunion special in June 2021, Kendall told Andy Cohen that the only thing they promote is "being healthy."

"We all really enjoy taking care of ourselves and being healthy,” she said. “So I think if anything, the only thing we're really trying to represent is just being the most healthy version of yourself.”

What Kendall, and the rest of her sisters, fail to realize is that they have immense privilege when it comes to "taking care of themselves," which isn't the truth for many other people.

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