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Kim Kardashian Called Out For Her SKIMS 'Fits Everybody' Micro Thong By Disgruntled Customers

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Kim Kardashian, SKIMS Fits Everybody MicroThong

Kim Kardashian's SKIMS has boosted the star to her billionaire status and is often praised for its inclusivity in its size range, color range and marketing strategies.

But one product has customers feeling baffled about who exactly the item is supposed to be for. Fits Everybody? This piece of clothing doesn’t look like it does. 

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Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS 'Fits Everybody MicroThong' is being criticized for being too small. 

SKIMS, which Kardashian co-founded alongside Jens Grede, is facing backlash online as fans are sharing the minuscule underwear garment that the brand claims is suitable for people of all sizes. 

The thong is described as “a barely-there micro thong made for fun. This t-back string style has a soft-second skin fit.” 

Fans were quick to point out that the item’s title was contradictive of its style. Despite the thong being branded to fit anyone’s size, many disagreed. 

“Calling this ‘fits everybody’ is crazyyy,” one Twitter user shared, noting the thong’s tight fit. 

“Looks so uncomfortable. Maybe some would buy it to impress a guy, but I can’t think of any other reason to willingly wear that,” another user shared. 

“It doesn’t even fit the model wearing it,” another user pointed out.  

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One fan noted that even Kardashian’s sister, Khloe, called her out on the clothing items in an episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu. 

“I do have a bone to pick with you,” Khloe tells Kim in the short clip of the episode, before telling her sister that she is currently wearing a piece from SKIMS that is so small she describes it as a “sliver.” 

TikTok users also jumped on board to bash “Fits Everybody.” 

“SKIMS is real bold to put in the title of this ‘fits everybody,” TikTok user @layla.lavender said in a video.  



“Does anyone legitimately fit into this? Cause that’s just impressive if you do.” 

However, others argued that the title “Fits Everybody” is just the name of the line, and there are in fact sizes for anyone to fit into. 

“Fits everybody’ is the name of the line and there are different items in a line and the items come in sizes XXS-4xl,” one Twitter user claimed. “Oh my god,  y’all’s fake outrage is so transparent at this point. There are so many things to criticize SKIMS for you actually don’t have to make things up.” 

Others pointed out that if you browse the SKIMS website, you will find that the “Fits Everybody” micro thong is also available as a regular-sized thong and that it comes in a wide range of sizes designed to fit just about anyone interested in purchasing a pair. 

“Did you scroll down or did you just find a screenshot and run with it? Like it took me not even 30 seconds to find this,” another Twitter user revealed in response to the SKIMS criticism. 

The majority of reviews for the product on the SKIMS website appear to be positive. 

“Love the size and cut of this thong. I ordered a medium size, I’m 140 lbs and curvy in the hips, I could probably wear a small too,” one verified buyer shared. 

“But the medium was a good size. Fabric is incredible, unlike anything on the market.” 

“A very nice thong, amazing material, and very comfortable,” another buyer wrote. 

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