Cheering For Kanye West As He Kills Pete Davidson In Music Video Encourages Abusers To Escalate To Dangerous Levels

Seriously, it's time to stop Kanye.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's increasingly public divorce has escalated to new heights of controversy as West continues to demonstrate emotional abuse and threats to cause harm.

You might say “it’s not a controversy” because what he’s doing is abuse and shouldn’t be delegitimized or invalidated — and you would be 100% correct.

However, the problem is that a surprising number of people are actually still in support of his antics and don’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation and why what he’s doing is so wrong.


Kanye West's 'Eazy' music video is an escalation of his abuse towards Kim Kardashian.

It seems like West can never do wrong by his fans, and the reaction to his most recent outburst proves no different. 

West released a music video as recently as yesterday — the same day Kardashian was legally declared single — for his song “Eazy.”

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In the lyrics of the song West talks about “beat[ing] Pete Davidson’s ass,” which was already concerning.


However, for the music video he seems to have raised the bar for his violent rhetoric by kidnapping and beheading a clay model of the SNL star and current boyfriend of Kardashian.

West supporters try their best to excuse the rapper, saying that things were way worse back in the day and people have gotten soft and sensitive.

In reality, we’ve just gotten more educated and aware of the dangerous nature of these kinds of things.

Kanye West's 'Eazy' music video was released to a world that has seen too many men get away with inflicting harm on women.

The way social media, society, and pop culture as a whole has progressed over recent decades shows the number of steps social justice efforts have taken to ensure everyone can live a much safer life.


This is why today, “Eazy,” is getting ripped to shreds by people who are aware enough of how serious this situation is, and how serious it can get.

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Kardashian has texted West about the dangerous environment he’s creating for Davidson in the past, to which he replied by telling everyone to stand down.

He went too far before, and he continues to go too far now with this new music video.

In an interview with VladTV almost a week ago, social commentator and radio host D.L Hughley talked about the Kardashian, West, Davidson drama and had a strong reaction when the interviewer said that he found it funny at first.


“It’s never been funny…” he opened up about the conflict. “The only difference between him and the other dude getting a restraining order on him is hundreds of millions of dollars.”

He points out that a large part of why West seems to be getting encouragement and praise and justification from his fans is because of this revere he’s built up over the years as a successful rapper and businessman.

He’s regarded as a creative genius which is why no one in his camp challenges him.

“I think that I’ve watched too many times when things like that happen and a woman or somebody’s not believed and then things escalate,” Hughley continues.


“He is stalking her…I [don’t think that you can] write a beat so good that you get to do these things.”

This was all before the music video’s release. 

Now that things have gotten nuclear with actual depictions of the violence Kardashian likely fears, West has continued to overstep her boundaries and could already be causing mental harm. 

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His fans need to let go of this undying support that they have for him and smell the reality that it is not "genius" to threaten others and seek to control women.


The parasocial relationship we have with celebrities needs to be stripped away and we need to realize that these are real people with real lives and who can be in real danger.

Had anyone else — any woman or normal non-celebrity — done this, they would have a lawsuit on their hands immediately.

Just because he closes the video out with “JK he’s fine,” doesn’t mean that it isn’t a very clear and disturbing threat — not everything can hide behind “it was just a joke” anymore.

Pete Davidson has already revealed the negative toll social media takes on his mental health.

If you think West's action can't cause real harm, think again.


During Davidson's previous high-profile relationship with Ariana Grande, he faced negative comments that are arguably far less ergregious than the recent threats from West.

At the time, Davidson suffered suicidal thoughts, leading him to delete his social media.

Now, after he briefly returned to Instagram amid West's recent rants, we ought to be cautious of how this all feels for the comedian who has been transparent about struggling with bipolar disorder.


This new development spells more danger for the newly single Kardashian and Davidson and isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

This is no way for a father to treat the mother of his four children — to show a complete lack of respect for her desire to move on from their failed marriage and date someone new.

If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence, West's actions are likely as triggering as they are terrifying.

Please make sure to protect your mental health as this discourse continues across social media.

If you are experiencing domestic violence please call 800-799-7233 or visit

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