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Taylor Swift Fans Think Jake Gyllenhaal Is Using A Secret Cat Instagram Page To Respond To Haters

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Jake Gyllenhaal, Ms. Flufflestiltskin, and Taylor Swift

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift fans know All Too Well, it’s how to troll people online — and boy, is there a lot of fuel coming out of "Red (Taylor’s Version)."

Swifties have recently been directing their anger towards Jake Gyllenhaal after fan speculation that the track, “All Too Well,” which features a 10-minute short film alongside it, is about the singer’s short relationship with the actor.

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Caught in the crossfire is an Instagram account that fans have also speculated belongs to the movie star that goes by the name of Ms. Flufflestiltskin.

Swifties are convinced Gyllenhaal is using a cat Instagram to respond to the backlash. 

Does Jake Gyllenhaal have an Instagram for his cat?

Apparently not, in fact it seems like Gyllenhaal doesn't even have a cat. But let's break down the rumors. 

While most Swifties were posting about the actor online or targetting his personal pages, others got extra creative and began targeting a cat Instagram page, Ms. Flufflestiltskin, believing that the Instagram account belonged to Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal does follow the page but it appears it may just be his friend's cat, or else he's just a fan of cats!

All over the cat’s most recent posts are scarf emojis and people asking the cat to tell Gyllenhaal to give the scarf mentioned in "All Too Well" back to Swift.

2 days ago, Ms. Flufflestiltskin posted a selfie where she was sitting on a table looking into the camera, with the caption “MEOUCH - y’all need to clam down and stop cyber bullying.”

Some people believed that the response was confirmation that the cat was Gyllenhaal's, assuming that this was him trying to address the resurfaced drama through the use of his cat.

Since this isn’t really the case and Ms. Flufflestiltskin does not belong to Gyllenhaal, she posted a candid photo with a clearer caption to address the drama that she’s not involved in.

“So let me see if I have this straight.. humans use the internet to send me messages thinking that I’m Jake’s cat but they don’t use the same internet to figure out that Jake doesn’t have a cat… Not gonna lie, starting to fear for this species,” she said, roasting the Swifties for not getting their information straight.

Taylor Swift fans are still coming for Jake Gyllenhaal.

If you know anything about Swift, it’s that her extensive dating history, songs referencing other people, and subliminal messages all add up to a massive thunderstorm of Swiftie lore that can be pretty easy to get lost inside of.

Part of the controversy surrounding the relationship is the 9-year age difference between the pair.

This why Swift brought on Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien to play the two in the short film — Sink is 19 while O’Brien is 30.

The other side of the controversy surrounds an article of clothing that Swift left at her ex’s sister’s house all those years ago — a scarf.

The infamous scarf has been a talking point for many Swifties and the emphasis of it during the short film at the beginning and the end gave them a reason to take aim and fire at Gyllenhaal — who people claim still has the scarf all these years later because it reminds him of her.

Swifties rushed to Gyllenhaal’s socials and even Maggie Gyllenhaal’s — his sister whose house people think she left the scarf at.

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All over Jake and Maggie’s posts, people asked if he knew where the scarf was or asked him to give it back. They spammed the scarf emoji and even yelled at him for keeping it.

Fans trolled one of his posts about the Black Lives Matter movement and a tribute to Chadwick Boseman, saying “Taylor Swift Matter.”

All this cat drama is for naught anyway, considering DeuxMoi has allegedly cracked the case and returned the scarf to Swift.

In a post to DeuxMoi’s Instagram story last weekend, they claimed to have been in contact with whoever was in possession of the scarf and forwarded all contact information to involved parties — meaning Taylor Swift.

Swifties can now rest easy and leave Jake, Maggie, and Ms. Flufflestiltskin alone.

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