Grandma Shares Video Of Her Sad Granddaughter On Her Birthday After Her Dad & Friends Didn’t Show Up To Celebrate

Hopefully, the kindness of strangers cheered her up a bit.

Sad granddaughter birthday party @neldalowery / TikTok

A video posted on TikTok showed the unfortunate circumstance that one young girl had to suffer after everyone failed to show up to her birthday party.

Birthday parties are events that are supposed to be memorable, exciting and fun, especially for children. For one little girl, however, her birthday party didn't go as well as planned and she was left with a sense of sadness and loneliness.

A grandma recorded her granddaughter's sad birthday party after her friends and father didn't show up.

The grandmother, whose name is Nelda Lowery (@neldalowery), recorded her granddaughter at her birthday party and discussed how neither her friends nor her father showed up.


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Lowery explained that her granddaughter, Ellie, was looking forward to having her father and friends come to her birthday party, but when they didn’t show, Ellie was upset.



Lowery’s video blew up and received 2.7 million views before it was deleted. There was an overwhelming amount of love for the disappointed young girl. Many offered to send her money and advised Lowery to open an Amazon Wishlist for Ellie so that viewers could send Ellie birthday gifts.


grandma asks for help after nobody shows up to granddaughter's birthday partyPhoto: TikTok / @neldalowery

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She posted a series of videos that followed up on Ellie’s birthday.

The supportive grandma posted many videos and thanked her viewers for their seemingly endless support. She left a P.O. box, her CashApp, and asked her followers to find Ellie’s mom’s account for the Amazon Wishlist that the viewers asked Lowery to create.


Many felt sorry for Ellie and supported her by writing, “She’s a lucky girl to have a grandmama like you!” Others left supportive comments, saying, “We will send gifts!” and complimented Ellie's appearance. Some said Ellie "was beautiful" and that she looked so nice at her birthday party. 

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Lowery uploaded additional now-deleted videos with Ellie in them, where Ellie showed money and her new fishing pole that she received for her birthday. Lowery included that they put money down on a backyard playground for Ellie as well!

Despite her upsetting birthday party, Ellie seemed to have a good few days afterward thanks to the love and kindness of strangers, and the ability to spend quality time with her grandmother.


grandma asks for help after nobody shows up to granddaughter's birthday partyPhoto: Ivan Samkov / Pexels

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After seeing the series, many questioned Lowery’s intentions.

Despite the feel-good outcome of what was initially a very sad situation, many people didn't quite believe that Lowery was fully transparent about the situation.


On a few of her TikToks, some viewers have written that Lowery is a frequent scammer and has commonly used her grandchildren for money.

One user wrote, “Please search 'Nelda scam' in TikTok before you donate. This woman is a known scammer using these babies.” Many agreed with this comment and included, “She’s a big-time scammer, don’t send anything!”

Another user shared a video of Lowery talking to a tree and claimed that there was a homeless woman there. Many discussed the allegations of the scams, but there is no solid proof as “She’s scammed hundreds of people out of money and then deleted the videos.”


Aside from the scamming allegations, hopefully, Ellie received the gifts from strangers and had a nice few days after her upsetting birthday.

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