Heartbroken Mom Shows The Empty Scene Of Her 3-Year-Old's Birthday Party After Barely Any Family Members Bother To Show Up

Why did nobody show up for this little girl's party?

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As far as viral content goes, a child’s birthday party with no attendees is one of the more heartbreaking kinds of videos. Nobody wants to see a kid upset or neglected on their special day.

One mom posted a TikTok showing the lack of guests at the Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party she had set up for her daughter, and it struck a chord with her viewers.

The mom said ‘No one showed up’ and showed her daughter's empty birthday party.

In the TikTok, Gloria showed off the decorations she had put up for her daughter’s third birthday celebration, including balloons, a bouncy house, pink tablecloths, and paper cutouts of Minnie Mouse. Unfortunately, all of the chairs she had set up for guests were empty.


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“I cooked and made a bunch of pastries. I was excited to celebrate with family and friends,” Gloria said in her video, but her party wasn’t entirely free of guests.



Gloria’s daughter could be seen playing in the inflatable castle with at least one other child. According to her comments, a few people did show up to the party, including Gloria’s two brothers, their wives, and “a couple of nieces and nephews.” So while the video painted a barren picture, it seems like the party wasn’t a total failure.


In fact, Gloria’s daughter appeared to have had a fun time. “She’s still small so she didn’t know about no one coming to her birthday,” Gloria wrote in a comment.

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One family member even went above and beyond to make sure that the girl had a memorable birthday. Gloria’s niece, an influencer with over 2 million followers on TikTok, traveled 1,296 miles and canceled all of her plans just to visit Gloria's daughter. “She’s my niece and my baby’s godmother. She’s very busy always, and she was able to make time for her. Love her,” Gloria said in an update.



People who saw the video were sympathetic and wanted to help make the child’s birthday special.

One comment expressed a popular sentiment, saying “Your daughter is blessed to have you as a mother. You and your daughter deserve better friends/family.” Gloria responded in agreement to a few comments stating that she and her daughter needed a better family and friends.


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Another person related to her video, saying “This is my son's dad’s side of the family. No effort whatsoever after we split up.” “It sucks so bad, my husband's side is like that,” Gloria replied. “Just two of my brothers came and a couple of nieces and nephews.”



A couple of people expressed that they wished they could have attended the party, and wanted to buy Gloria’s daughter a birthday present if possible. She included an Amazon wishlist in her bio and later posted a video of her daughter happily receiving some of the gifts that were purchased for her.


While it was sad that not as many family members or friends showed up to the birthday party as the mom had hoped, it seems like the kindness of the people who did show up or send love to the family helped make the child’s birthday a special one.

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