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Taylor Swift Tops List Of 10 Celebrities With Highest Carbon Emissions From Private Jet Usage

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When Kylie Jenner's jet took a 17-minute flight on July 12, according to a Twitter account that tracks celebrity's jets, the internet erupted with fury towards the beauty mogul for the harm she's been causing to the planet.

However, the young reality star is far from being the only celebrity guilty of releasing enormous amounts of carbon emissions into our atmosphere — nor is she the worst.

According to recent data from Yard.com, there are plenty of famous faces who have been mercilessly increasing their carbon footprint with their use of private jets, all while our planet sinks further and further into crisis.

Here are 10 celebrities who racked up the highest carbon emissions from their private jet usage.

10. Travis Scott

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Jenner might be the one catching all the blame but it turns out her partner, Travis Scott, is more of a "climate criminal," than she is.

Scott's total flight time in 2022 so far is already 8,834 minutes or almost 6 days on his private jet.

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The average flight journey for this man is only 7.31 miles which is only a 10-minute car ride. Scott has already racked up 3033.3 tonnes of CO2e this year.

9. Oprah Winfrey

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American presenter powerhouse has taken already 68 flights so far this year on her $75 million private jet, creating 499 times more carbon emissions than the average person.

Her shortest flight so far this year was only 14 minutes, but in the span, she created one tonne of C02 emissions. Oprah's total carbon emission so far in 2022 has been 3,493.17 tonnes.

3. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is known to share photos on his Instagram of him on his private jet with his friends and his tequila brand but maybe he should reconsider travel options. Emitting 3,735.2 tonnes of C02 this year so far is a little too much.

Total flight time for this year alone has been 10,324 minutes which roughly equates to spending over a week in the air alone.

4. Kim Kardashian

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The Kardashians are no stranger to a lavish lifestyle, but sometimes there are questionable purchases each sister spends their money on.

Kim Kardashian isn't afraid to show her lavish jet off; as of this year, her travel time has emitted 4268.5 tonnes of C02 with a total of 57 flights currently, which is 609 times more than the average person emits in a single year.

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The average flight time for the Kardashian is 85 minutes for an average journey of 99.78 miles, while her shortest flight so far was only 23 minutes. Perhaps she should just lounge with Pete for a while?

5. Steven Spielberg

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One may not expect legendary movie director Steven Spielberg to be racking up carbon emissions, but he is. The director, with a total of 61 flights in 2022 so far, has netted 4,465 tonnes of C02.

Spielberg's average flight time is one hour and forty-seven minutes. 

Total time spent flying on his private jet this year has been 12,341 minutes, 200 hours, or about nine days total. 

6. Blake Shelton


Country singer Blake Shelton so far has produced 4,495 tonnes of C02 this year, spending 12,424 minutes in the air with a total of 111 flights. 

7. A-Rod

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Jennifer Lopez's ex, Alex Rodriguez, has earned him a spot on this list with an emission count of 5,342.7 tonnes of C02 so far this year. His average flight length is about 80 minutes per flight and with 106 private flights this year, maybe he needs to stay grounded. 

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8. Jay-Z

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This year Jay-Z has racked up 136 private flights and spent nearly two weeks high in the clouds.

His C02 emission count is 6,981.3 tonnes so far in 2022, 997 times more than the average person.

9. Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather has racked up a total of 7076.8 tonnes of C02 from his private flights so far in 2022.

His flight count is much higher than all the other celebrities on the list, with 177 private flights taken so far, which is about 25 flights per month — or almost a flight each day. What is he doing that he needs to fly every day!? Grocery shopping?

1. Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift so far has emitted 8,293.54 tonnes of C02 this year, with a total of 170 flights to date since the new year began. Swift has amassed 22,934 minutes in the air, or about two weeks total.

She's not touring at the moment, so why all the flight time? Her average flight time is 80 minutes with an average of 139.36 miles per flight.

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