Did JLo Cheat On A-Rod? Sources Claim Ben Affleck Sent Love Letters Before They Officially Broke Up

She allegedly told him "you own my heart."

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Ben Affleck was sending Jennifer Lopez love letters before she had officially split from Alex Rodriguez — or so a source says.

Affleck and Lopez have allegedly been having “regular contact by email” since early February, a month before she and Rodgriguez announced they had called off their engagement.

The rumors of these letters emerged while things appear to be heating up between Affleck and Lopez. The pair have been spotted hanging out in LA and traveled together to Montana for a getaway.


While sources have claimed the former couple, who broke up in 2003, are strictly friends right now, the alleged letters paint a different picture about where their relationship is headed.

Did Jennifer Lopez cheat on Alex Rodriguez?

If sources are to be believed, Lopez and Affleck began their flirty exchanges several weeks before the singer officially became single.

However, question marks over Lopez’s relationship status had arisen much earlier. Rumors that Rodriguez had cheated on the singer arose in early 2021 when it was alleged reality TV star Madison LeCroy may have had relations with the former MLB player in the summer of 2020.


Lopez and Rodriguez put on a united front in the face of the rumors, appearing together at Biden’s inauguration in January.

Looking at her Instagram posts, Rodriguez also appears to have visited Lopez onset in the Caribbean in February.

They later shut down breakup rumors in March but said they were “working through some things.”

They confirmed their split a month later. It’s possible the pair were on a break or already broken up privately when the correspondence with Affleck began.

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What did Ben Affleck write to Jennifer Lopez?

Their emails began in February, shortly after Lopez had jetted out to the Dominican Republic to film her upcoming movie, “Shotgun Wedding.” Affleck had ended his relationship with Ana de Armas a month previously.


TMZ claims the actor “Wrote to tell her how beautiful she looked [in photos], and how much he wished he could be down there with her.”

They also say the emails were “Loving and longing for Jen.” Lopez supposedly returned the affections and said Affleck could “own her heart" with his pen.

The pair kept up contact until Lopez finished filming in late April before they finally reunited in person, back in LA.

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How did Alex Rodriguez react to Lopez and Affleck’s reunion?

A-Rod has two words to say to anyone asking about Bennifer 2.0: "Go Yankees.”

At least, that’s how he apparently responded when paparazzi brought up the topic with him in Miami.


Rodriguez was possibly just celebrating his former team but the comment could also be a thinly veiled swipe at Affleck who is a staunch Red Sox fan.

Another source revealed that A-Rod was “very shocked” that his ex was hanging out with Affleck.

"He truly thought they would be able to make it work and reconnect. He has been reaching out to J.Lo trying to meet with her and she has been very short with him."

One person who is celebrating Bennifer’s reunion, along with the rest of us, is Affleck’s longtime friend and collaborator, Matt Damon.


When asked about the pair’s rumored romance, Damon initially tried to keep it coy by saying there wasn’t “enough liquor in the world” to get him to talk about it.

However, he then let slip that he was hopeful that Lopez and Affleck would work things out.

"It's a fascinating story. I hope it's true. I love them both. I hope it's true. That would be awesome," he said.


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