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Why Britney Spears' Fans Believe Her Recent Videos Are A 'Cry For Help' To Escape Her Husband

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Britney Spears

Fans are concerned about Britney Spears after she posted alarming videos to her Instagram account.

The “Toxic” singer dons black Nike shorts and a white cropped top while dancing in a studio in the two videos.

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She appears to be crying in both clips as she twirls and occasionally pauses to sing directly to the camera.

Britney Spears fans are concerned after her Instagram videos appeared to show an emotional breakdown.

“It’s been a while since I’ve cried on camera!!!,” Spears captioned the first video. “It’s not a breakdown a–holes, it’s a release that I’ve needed for a very long time now!!! Spiritual experience for sure!!! I think I need to do that way more!!! Psss… bawling.” 

In the second video that is identical to the first Spears posted, the captions are parallel except for a few details she added at the end.

“End pssss… here’s the much brighter edit!!! Decided to leave both up to see the difference!!!” Spears wrote.

The second video is noticeably brighter than the first. 

Fans believe that Spears' new videos are a "cry for help." 

Although Spears assured fans that there was no need to worry and that these videos were nothing more than the product of a “spiritual release,” some people were not buying into her claims.

“She’s literally losing her mind in front of all her fans and you’re all just calling her queen… someone get her help,” one Instagram user commented on one of the videos. 

“No. It’s a breakdown,” another user noted of Spears’ behavior in the videos. “She’s not well and people are cheering her on. It’s wonderful that she got out of her Father’s control but she’s doing the same activities, whatever, that she was doing.”

Spears was a victim of her family’s conservatorship, which took control of her income, financial decisions, and personal well-being for over a decade.

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Despite the conservatorship ending in 2021, some fans believe that Spears was never truly freed and the control over her was transferred to her husband, Sam Asghari

Conspiracy theorists are convinced that Spears’ recent videos were a cry for help.

TikTok conspiracy theorist, Christina Torres, (@sunflowergypsygurl), posted a video detailing the Spears’ strange videos and what she believes are the subliminal meanings behind them. 

“I swear, this thing is just getting so much more strange,” Torres says in her video, referencing Spears’ bizarre posts. 



She points out that Spears posted the same video twice, and why that did not sit right with her.

She mentions that Spears’ husband, Sam Asgahri, posted a similar video of Spears dancing, however it appeared that she was being filmed from behind a glass panel. 

Torres claims Asghari later took down the video when fans noticed this.

“If you record it [the video]  behind glass, you wouldn’t have noticed it unless you were really paying attention, and then when people started talking about it, it got deleted,” she says. 

Torres also expressed concern over a post that Spears shared on her Instagram shortly after the videos were posted. 

It is a short video with unsettling background music that shows cases of books and what appears to be a night sky.

Spears captioned the post “Adios amigos,” which translates to “goodbye friends” in English. 

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“We just know that Britney Spears says what’s on her mind in these captions or whoever is in charge of her Instagram usually puts relevant messages in the thing [caption],” Torres says.

“I’m wondering why there was a video of her [Spears] crying and dancing, and then it [next post] says ‘goodbye friends.’ Am I the only one who finds this to be concerning?” 

She adds that she has always been “sketched-out” by Sam Asghari and that he may have something to hide. 

Torres implied that Spears could be sending out a goodbye message to her fans, although it is not clear what she is saying goodbye to.

Torres asked her followers for their opinions of Spears and the strange videos posted to her account. 

Other TikTok users agreed that Spears’ behavior was concerning and that she may be sending out messages for help. 

“The song [Spears is dancing to in her videos] is S.O.S. by Indila,” one user pointed out. “She’s crying out for help putting her hands out for help she wants us to notice,” another user claimed.

Some fans believe that Asghari has full control over Spears and that she was never freed from the conservatorship. 

“I definitely think Sam is the coverup and it was all a forced marriage. Sam is there to watch her. 100% she is not free,” another user commented. 

Other users noticed details of the studio Spears was dancing in her videos which could be an implication she is being held against her will.

“Look where the curtains are down at the bottom, it looks like bars,” another user wrote. 

Despite the whirlwind of conspiracies, there is no concrete evidence that Spears is in danger and need of help. 

The pop star stands by her claim that her tears were the result of her “spiritual awakening” and that fans can rest assured that she is doing well. 

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