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Britney Spears Fans Spot 'Proof' She Is Still Not In Control Of Her Instagram

Photo: Instagram
Britney Spears Instagram posts

Britney Spears fans are concerned that she still is not completely free from her conservatorship due to her recent Instagram posts.

For 13 long years, Spears had been held under conservatorship after a very public mental health crisis.

But late last year, Spears was freed from the conservatorship and granted full control of her life, career, and estate — or so we thought.

Fans think Britney Spears does not run her own Instagram account.

While Spears seemed very active on Instagram after the end of her conservatorship, praising her fans and posting with captions that led people to believe that she had truly been freed, lately she’s been posting many of the same photos and videos that she has already posted.

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Sometimes the captions reflect the fact that the post was reposted, implying that it’s a #throwback even if the throwback was just a few weeks ago, but lately they’ve just gotten lazy.

“MEXICO” with a bunch of Mexican flag emojis is the caption of her most recent Instagram post, which is a repost of a bunch of photos taken from a video she posted two weeks ago which is, yet again, another repost from an earlier time where she visited Mexico.

She had posted a previous throwback from the same trip just two weeks prior.

“It's to the point where you want to see her holding today's newspaper or something lmao,” reads a comment on her most recent post. “100% old content. Whoever is running her IG is just scrolling down and picking pictures to repost.”

“Always old things :( I love her, but I stopped believing she in control of her Instagram since march. I don't think she’s 100% free. But this topic is too unpopular to be addressed,” reads another.

It seems like a significant amount of fans believe that her Instagram account is being run by someone else and that she isn’t actually completely free from her conservatorship.

Britney Spears' Instagram has been a concern for fans since her conservatorship ended.

Her Instagram posts were wildly criticized from the moment she had been freed from her conservatorship, but now it seems that the same people who defended her nude photo edits and seemingly awkward poses are concerned that maybe something deeper is actually going on.

Two posts before the Mexico post, she posted another selfie/video of content that she posted two whole years ago.

“Well this looks familiar,” reads one of the comments, and if you spend a few minutes scrolling down the immense length of her Instagram posts, you can see that she’s posted this same image at least a dozen times in the last couple of years.

Some fans mentioned that they haven’t actually seen much of Spears in the news or in public at all.

Where other celebrities can’t even go to a Starbucks without being spotted by the paparazzi, it seems like Spears has simply disappeared ever since her conservatorship hearings.

“Britney go live please and say hi to us!! We'd love to your beautiful self!” reads another comment, requesting that Spears show herself to the fans in order to prove that she’s in control.

Other celebrities go live on Instagram all the time, so why doesn’t Spears?

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“This account is stressing me out,” writes another concerned fan. “Can someone please figure out who's running this garbage, because we haven't seen Britney on live and every picture she looks like a hostage (if it's not recycled).”

When she addresses her fans about current events — like her miscarriage and the Uvalde Shooting — it’s always in writing and they never hear her talk or get a video of her interacting.

Perhaps her assistant has just run out of content to be able to post now that Spears is free — maybe she’s getting some long-awaited rest or easing off from spending so much time in the public.

Until any actual news of Spears pops up, this is all speculation and she may very well be fine.

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