Harry Styles Fans Think He’s Sending Signals For Help As #FreeHarry Movement Compares Him To Britney Spears

#freeharry has started to trend on Twitter.

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As the release date for Harry Styles' new album, ‘Harry’s House’, comes closer, fans cannot control their excitement for new music. 

Fans are always looking for theories or speculations regarding their favorite artists.

However, one fan theory surrounding Styles has made fans concerned for his well-being as fans are now comparing Harry Styles to Britney Spears, insinuating that Styles is also a victim of the evils of the entertainment industry.


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This fan discussion prompted #FreeHarry to trend on social media — taking a leaf out of the #FreeBritney movement's book.

What is #FreeHarry & why do Harry Styles fans think he needs help?

It all started from an interview Styles had with Better Homes & Gardens. Styles opened up about his new album and his past struggles.   

He revealed how much he struggled as an artist in the past, especially when One Direction broke up.

He said, "There were so many years where, for me, especially in the band and the first few years coming out of it, I'd just been terrified of it ending, because I didn't necessarily know who I was if I didn't do music."


As One Direction had become one of the most popular boybands during its time, he also felt pressured to maintain a public image.

Back then, he was quite frightened of saying or doing the wrong thing in public.

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He further mentioned that when he signed a contract as a solo artist, he was in a much better place. He said, “I felt free.”

He also mentioned that he is in a much better place now as his new album, ‘Harry’s House’ insinuates that home refers to mental well-being rather than a physical house.

But fans think Harry Styles might be feeling trapped in his contracts again.

Fans noted that Styles says he "felt free" not that he currently is free and now think he is experiencing issues similar to the struggle he faced in One Direction.


One person tweeted, “Are these the words of a person that is truly free? At first glance, it looks like a reflection of his time solely in 1D - but look closer. He felt free ≠ he feels free. ‘He’s been thinking a lot RECENTLY’. He’s screaming, DO NOT ignore him.”

Fans are comparing Harry Styles to Britney Spears.

Spears, who ended her 13-year conservatorship last year, has become a symbol of the darker side of the entertainment industry and serves as a major example of how even the most successful stars don't have control over their own careers.


As such, fans think that Styles may be trapped in a similar way to Spears during her conservatorship.

Styles himself also referenced Spears as an example of how the media treats young stars. 

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"You look back, especially now there are all the documentaries, like the Britney documentary, and you watch how people were abused in that way, by that system, especially women,” he said.

“You recall articles from not even five years ago, and you're like, I can't even believe that was written."

Another major reason fans started comparing Styles to Spears is because of his performance of Spears’ ‘Toxic’ at his concert in October 2021.


Styles has also been seen waving a flag that read, ‘Free Britney’ in support of her.

Fans also started drawing comparisons between the two artists. One major similarity the two had was the same manager, Jeff Azoff.

Azoff was Spears’ manager when she signed with the Creative Artists Agency in 2013. Later, he became Styles manager in 2016 and he remains to be his manager.


Many fans are disputing #freeharry on Twitter.

While many fans are putting light on Styles and comparing his situation to that of Spears’, many others are disputing that.

Many people are stating that the two situations are nowhere similar. While the two had the same managers, they aren’t in the same position.

While Spears didn’t have the freedom to make any decisions, Styles does. If he does have a bad relationship with Azoff, he can just fire him.    


Some people also pointed out that Styles has a good relationship with Azoff as Styles had also been an officiant for his wedding.

While many fans are worried about the 'As It Was' singer, there are still many who are disagreeing with the comparison.


Unfortunately, no one can know for sure whether the two situations are similar as fans can only speculate and assume something like this. 

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