Bride's Father Makes Touching Speech As He Gives Her Away On Her Wedding Day — 'If You Decide You Don't Love Her Anymore, Just Bring Her Back To Me'

This beautiful moment brought tears to everyone's eyes.

Father delivers heart-warming speech at daughter's wedding @spongliee / TikTok

A father walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day is a cherishable moment for both the father and daughter. Typically, after a father walks their daughter down the aisle, they step back or sit down.

But in this case, this bride’s father made a beautiful, tear-jerking speech to the groom that left everyone in the crowd, as well as 4.5 million people online, in tears.

The bride’s father delivered a heartwarming speech after walking his daughter down the aisle.

A TikTok user named Kylie posted a video of her father from her wedding day in honor of Father's Day. The video captured Kylie, the bride, and her father walking down the aisle. She captioned the clip of the video, “My dad made me cry at my wedding.”


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After walking her down the aisle and upon seeing the groom, her father stopped and began to deliver a 2-minute speech.

He said, “I’m passing my precious daughter to you” and began to hold the groom’s hand as he spoke. Kylie’s father told the groom to “put her in first place in every situation” and said that he wanted to pray for the soon-to-be-married couple.

Kylie’s father then prayed for them and wished them a happy and healthy marriage in which everything they planned would work out.




But there was one special line from his speech that left people in tears.

During his speech, Kylie’s father said, “If one day you ever have a change of heart that you don’t love my daughter anymore, please don’t hurt her, just bring her back to me and give her back to me.” This left the bride, groom, father, and crowd in tears.

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father delivers speech to daughter and her husband on her wedding dayPhoto: TikTok / @spongliee


The groom responded by reaffirming that he would never hurt Kylie, nor would he ever stop loving her.

The beautiful moment was discussed throughout the comments and left many people happy for the couple.

“My heart broke to pieces when the father told him to return her daughter if he didn't love her anymore,” one wrote. “He spoke for all fathers.” Others agreed that the special moment made them cry and that Kylie was so blessed to have him as a father.

The beautiful speech sparked a conversation about gender roles and expectations.

While the idea of having your daughter returned to you should her husband stop taking care of her is a nice sentiment, would fathers make the same proposal for their sons?


The event was precious for this family, but the beautiful speech creates a discussion about gender roles and how they apply to "traditional" marriage.

From what we've seen and studied in so many areas, many young boys lack affection from their fathers, creating an unhealthy mental space. It's tempting to wonder how the speech would pan out if it was for this father's son.

At almost every wedding, the bride is walked down the aisle by her father. It's not a common occurrence to see a bride get walked down the aisle by anyone else, like a sister, for example.

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father delivers speech to daughter and her husband on her wedding dayPhoto: Emir Kaan Okutan / Pexels

Typically, boys are attached to their mothers, while girls cling to their fathers. This is a normal dynamic, but it makes sense to wonder how this father's speech would have turned out, or if there would even be one, if it was directed at his son.

If the father were to deliver a speech about his son, what would it look like? Some may believe it would be less immersive, less meaningful, and possibly less loving. It's common to see fathers devoting their time and energy to their daughters, but not their sons, after all.


The speech was clearly curated for his daughter and the love he has for her. Yet, the reversed gender roles are something to think about.

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