Brother Of The Bride Is Asked To Be The 'Flower Girl' At The Wedding And Gives The Performance Of A Lifetime

He's the best flower girl you'll ever see.

Justin Schiele being the flower girl at his sister's wedding TikTok @justin_schiele / TikTok

A man named Justin Schiele was just recently able to be part of a wedding party for a bride who happens to be his sister. Being part of any of the core components in the wedding party can be difficult as there are a lot of responsibilities that weigh on your shoulders.

Even if you aren’t the Best Man or the Maid of Honor, you still play an important role in the wedding, but Schiele was able to play his role to perfection and gave the performance of a lifetime while doing it.


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Schiele was asked to be the ‘flower girl’ at his sister’s wedding and crushed it.

He didn’t crush it in a bad way, of course — he crushed it in the best way. Posting a video of his performance as the “flower girl” on May 28, 2023, Schiele captioned the 43-second clip with “I got to be the flower boy at my sister's wedding!” and included a rock-on emoji and heart hands.

Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe Through The Tulips” played as Schiele, with a basket in hand, started dancing with exaggerated movements and spread flower petals among the aisle and crowd in attendance.




Laughs could be heard among the crowd as Schiele made his way up the aisle, taking delicate care with spreading the flower petals evenly and properly while also jumping and skipping in the air for added effect.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time, especially Schiele. For as stressful as wedding days can be for all parties involved, he seemed to understand the assignment and made sure he performed his duties as the flower girl with exceptional quality.

It seemed like the petals would never end, but by the time he reached the altar, he dropped the few that were left in the basket and walked off to the side where he gave the camera a thumbs up, confident that it was a job well done.


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People praised Schiele for his gender role-breaking performance.

One of the top comments read, “such a pretty flower girl,” and someone else wrote, “When we say we want wholesome positive masculinity this is what we mean.”

Many people shared that they were into the breaking of “tradition,” meaning that anyone could be a flower person. Someone shared, “one of my friends is a drag queen and my partner and I are gonna ask them to be our flower queen.” Another woman wrote, “if I ever get married again that will be all 5 of my brothers.”

Weddings are full of many traditions, and many of them are outdated and enforce gender stereotypes. When something like this happens, it’s a pleasant change of pace in a rapidly progressing society.


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man acts as the flower girl at his sister's wedding and gives great performancePhoto: TikTok / @justin_schiele

They even gave the flower person enough petals! Someone wrote, “The first flower friend I've ever seen have an adequate amount of petals and sufficient petal distribution. Well done flower man!” Talk about breaking tradition!


“Thank you! I’m a ‘pro’ lol it’s what we do!” Schiele responded in kind before explaining himself in another comment. “My sister (the bride) bought like 2-3 dozen roses from Costco and loaded up the basket.”

Many others in the comments liked the performance so much that they seriously inquired if they could hire him for their own personal weddings. My advice to those potential employers: make sure there are enough flower petals to go around.

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