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Bride Defended For Refusing To Wait For Dad Who Was 20 Minutes Late To Walk Her Down The Aisle

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dad kissing bride on cheek at wedding

A bride is being defended for her decision to not wait for her father, who was 20 minutes late to her wedding and proceeded to walk down the aisle without him.

Posting to the subreddit 'AITA,' (Am I The A-hole), the bride explained that despite her father wanting to be present for her wedding, she didn't wait for him to arrive before starting the ceremony.

The woman claimed her father being 20 minutes late put a damper on her wedding.

The woman explained that her father has a reputation for helping other people around him, and revealed that his people-pleasing behavior was what made him late.

"I love my dad and he loves me," she wrote. "[But] he has this weird need to be useful."

The woman shared that her father has missed countless events throughout her life because he was too busy helping somebody else. 

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The bride warned her dad that if he was late for the wedding, she wouldn't wait.

"I told him if he was late ... I would not wait. I guess he forgot because someone from his church needed some help with their car," the woman continued.

"I did not hesitate. I had my uncle ready to go. [He] has always been there when my dad lets me down."

The bride said that her father showed up "20 minutes into the ceremony," not believing the prior warning given by his daughter and instead thinking she would wait for him.

"At the reception, he was crying because I am his only daughter [and] I took away his only chance to do this," she explained, adding that she was "sick of being an afterthought."

"My mom says I hurt him. I just think he has hurt me by not putting me first ever."

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In the comments under the Reddit post, many people agreed that the woman was NTA (Not The A-hole).

"Your dad didn't forget, he just expected you to wait for him to get there. You didn't take away his only chance of walking you down the aisle, he did that when he couldn't put your first on your special day," one user wrote.

A second user added, "Your dad decided someone's car was a bigger priority than his daughter on her wedding day."

"Don't let him manipulate you into thinking you have done something wrong (and yes, he is absolutely trying to manipulate you here)," they continued.

A third user pointed out how important a wedding day is, and criticized the woman's father for not realizing that and making it a priority.

"Your dad is allowed to have his priorities, and you to have yours. If the two clash, you need to pick what's best for you long term," they commented.

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