Phoebe Bridgers Allegedly Seen Kissing Bo Burnham — Despite Hinting At Being Engaged To Paul Mescal

Fans are confused.

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Fans are baffled over reports romantically linking Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham — despite Bridgers's alleged engagement to Paul Mescal.

The "Moon Song" singer had previously sparked rumors that she would soon tie the knot with her boyfriend, Mescal, whom she has been dating since 2020.

However, fans are wondering if the two are in an open relationship or have split after Burnham and Bridgers's latest hangout.


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Are Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham dating?

According to a blind submission posted by celebrity gossip site Deux Moi, multiple anonymous sources claimed to have seen Bridgers and Burnham out together on multiple occasions — where the two seemed to be more than friends.

Burnham and Bridgers were allegedly seen kissing in Los Angeles in early December.

In the first blind submission, shared on Reddit, an unnamed witness claimed to have seen the pair "all over the East Village and Soho" in New York City "with a short brunette actress with curly hair."


While the post didn't explicitly name Bridgers, fans were quick to speculate that the source had been talking about the singer.

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The post continued, claiming to have seen Bridgers and Burnham "holding hands and kissing" two weeks ago in Los Angeles


In a more recent Deux Moi blind submission, another anonymous source alleged that they'd seen "Phoebe Bridgers cuddling up to Bo Burnham at the Magic Castle."



While neither Burnham nor Bridgers have confirmed their supposed romance, the "Promising Young Woman" actor was rumored to have broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Lorene Scafaria, who he's been with since 2013.

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Bridgers had previously hinted at being engaged to Paul Mescal.

Bridgers, who has been dating Mescal since 2020, had previously referred to the "Normal People" actor as her "fiancé" while Coachella after-parties in April 2022, according to The Irish Mirror.

The news of the couple's engagement was then seemingly corroborated by Bridgers' friend and The 1975 frontman, Matty Healy.

In October 2022, Healy tweeted: "I wanna be Phoebe Bridgers. Imagine being such a lesbian icon that you just get engaged to the sexiest straight man on earth."

However, in a second tweet, Healy clarified that he'd "only heard the same rumors" as everyone else, and didn't actually know if the couple were engaged.


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Bridgers and Burnham have been friends for some time.

Bridgers and Burnham have been friends since 2021, with Bridgers previously covering Burnham's song "That Funny Feeling" from his Netflix special, "Inside."

Burnham was even spotted attending one of Bridger's concerts in October 2021.

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The two even performed "That Funny Feeling" together at the Largo at the Coronet in August 2021, according to Variety, after previously being seen eating lunch together a month earlier.

Burnham also made an appearance in the background of a recent photo shared on Matty Healy's Instagram, where the "About You" singer and Bridgers are kissing.

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