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The 1975's Matty Healy Appears To Confirm That Phoebe Bridgers & Paul Mescal Are Engaged

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Paul Mescal, Phoebe Bridgers, Matty Healy

It seems that The 1975's frontman, Matty Healy, may have revealed that Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers are engaged.

The claim was made in a Twitter account that as been credited to Healy. According to NME, the singer deleted his main, verified account in 2020, but later returned to the platform under a new handle.

"I wanna be Phoebe Bridgers. Imagine being such a lesbian icon that you just get engaged to the sexiest straight man on earth. Truly based god," Healy, who is friends with both Bridgers and Mescal, tweeted.

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Healy later doubled down in a second tweet, writing that he'd "only heard the same rumors," and promised that he doesn't know anything but is "excited if it is actually true."

Are Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal engaged?

Sources claim that Bridgers confirmed that she is engaged to Mescal by referring to him as her "fiancé" while Coachella after-parties in April 2022, according to The Irish Mirror.

Rumors have been circulating since earlier this year that the "Moon Song" singer and "Normal People" actor had taken the next step in their relationship, but neither pair have publicly addressed the claims.

Phoebe Bridgers refused to comment on the engagement rumors in June.

Bridgers, 28, later responded to the engagement rumors during an interview with The Guardian. "F-k the f-king tabloids to hell, that's what I'll say about that!"

She also spoke about the inspiration behind her recent single "Sidelines," which was heavily inspired by her relationship with Mescal, 26.

"Writing about my relationship with only good sh-t, because that’s all I feel, is hard,” she explained. “But it makes it easy when you’re actually having those feelings.”

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Bridgers and Mescal have been dating since 2020, and it all started after the singer tweeted to the Irish actor after watching Hulu's "Normal People." 

"Finished normal people and now I'm sad and horny oh wait," Bridgers wrote. Mescal eventually replied to her tweet, writing, "I'm officially dead."

After their Twitter exchange, it wasn't long before the two began dating.

In December 2020, Mescal appeared in Bridger's "Savior Complex" music video shortly after he confirmed to GQ that he was dating someone, though he refused to say who. 

“To have someone to lean on through such a mad, mad time has been invaluable,” he told the publication. “Really, I don’t know where I’d be without her.”

The pair didn't confirm their relationship until November 2021, after they arrived at the LACMA Art+Film Gala arm-in-arm.

In a September 2022 interview with Bustle, the actor gave a rare insight into his relationship with Bridgers. "I really, really enjoy being around her and her band and her friends.”

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