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Why Taylor Swift & The 1975's Collaboration Never Made It On To 'Midnights'

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Taylor Swift, Matty Healy

Taylor Swift’s newest album “Midnights” continues to break charts, even after its two-month release but fans are already speculating about some unreleased tracks and what Swift has in store for them — including a track involving The 1975.

The British pop-rock band is currently promoting their own recently released album, "Being Funny In A Foreign Language," for which the band turned to Swift's frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff for production credits. 

Antonoff appears to have linked The 1975's frontman and lyricist Matty Healy and drummer/producer George Daniel with Swift but the fruits of their labor may never see the light of day.

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Taylor Swift scrapped her collaboration with The 1975. 

While Swift herself has yet to confirm this, The 1975’s frontman Matty Healy dropped a bombshell earlier this week. 

In an interview with KROQ's Klein/Ally Show for Audacy's DTS Sound Space, Healy revealed his bandmates and he worked on a song with Swift for the album but it ultimately didn’t make the cut.



“We actually worked a bit [on the album],” he said. “But then the version of it never came out.”

After the audience started to boo at this revelation, Healy was quick to defend Swift. 

“No no no no, that’s not how it works. It was for reasons that should not be criticized. She’s amazing.” 

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Healy has previously shut down rumors of the collaboration. 

Despite now being very open to talking about the collaboration that never saw the light of day, Healy has previously shut down these rumors. 

In the early month of October, shortly before the release of the album, a leak was circulating online that hinted at The 1975’s involvement in the album. 

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Unfortunately, the tweet has been debunked by fans to have been edited and Healy at the time had to come out and shut down the rumors. 

“I would love that!” he wrote in reply at the time. “But unfortunately FAKE NEWS.”

Healy followed up the tweet with, “You guys actually thought Taylor Swift was gonna have me on her album," and followed that with laughing emojis. Clearly, Healy was trying to keep the collaboration on the down low. 

Of course, we now know that there was some truth behind the rumors but we’re still unsure if the name of the track was the same as the doctored photo claimed it was. 

While there is no concrete answer as to why the track was scrapped, it can be assumed that they just didn’t fit the concept of the original 13-track album. 

As Swift herself said when posting about the album's release, "I think of Midnights as a complete concept album, with those 13 songs forming a full picture of the intensities of that mystifying, mad hour. However! There were other songs we wrote on our journey to find that magic 13. I'm calling them 3am tracks."

Perhaps the track with The 1975 just didn't fit that vision. 

But don’t fret Swifties, if the 3 AM release taught us anything it’s that Swift will always deliver something from the vault. 

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