3 Zodiac Signs Being Tested By The Universe On July 10, 2024

Our patience may be tried and our limits may be pushed.

3 Zodiac Signs Being Tested By The Universe On July 10, 2024 KvitkaNastroyu from Getty Images, Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels,, Artulina, AlxeyPnferov from Getty Images Pro | Canva Pro

July 10, 2024, lets us know right off the bat that this day may not be easy, but it will be necessary. Because our astrology tells us that we will see the transit of Sun trine Saturn come into power, we have to consider what that means for three zodiac signs. What we see here is how we are put to the test. Something or someone may try our patience and push our limits.

Since this is a Sun transit, and it's in a trine position with Saturn, we can trust that whatever is 'testing' us this Wednesday is definitely for our good. We will rise above our limits so that we can meet this challenge. Nothing happens that can't be handled; tested, yes, but failures? No.


So, in a way, three zodiac signs will get a chance to prove their mettle on July 10, not knowing what the outcome will be but pushing forth anyway. This day is not for the weak, but it will also show us that we truly are as strong as we believe ourselves to be.


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We rule the world, and on July 10, 2024, the Sun trine Saturn shows three zodiac signs that this is no accidental power.

1. Leo

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You want what you want, and when you don't get it your way, you pout. That's very Leo of you, but hey, you're a Leo, so this is to be expected. Still, you're quite smart and know when to take a hint, as you're not here to humiliate yourself. You will find that on Wednesday, you may not necessarily be 'the winner,' but hey, you tried.


That's really what the universe is trying to tell you on Wednesday, July 10, 2024. During the transit of Sun trine Saturn, you'll find that even you have your limits, and this isn't exactly a bad thing. While you'd like to think of yourself as a superhero, on the days when you can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, you'll have to accept that you're just a regular old fantastic human being.

Because the Sun trine Saturn, you'll be put in a position that tests your nerves and patience. Honestly, Leo, the trouble you get out of this is more about your ability to adapt than it is about anything serious. What you'll learn today is that it's OK to retreat. We all know you are spectacular; no need to prove it every day. We love you anyway, as you are.

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2. Scorpio

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If you feel as though you can't get past 'step one,' do not worry, Scorpio; it's just one of those days, and honestly, you're not alone. This day, Wednesday, July 10, tests many people's patience, and the reality is that it's not such a bad thing. What's really going on is that the transit of the Sun trine Saturn is here to show us that we have to pace ourselves ... in everything.

While you are a determined person who 'must' get things done when you need to have them done, you might get the test of humility at this time, as your plans aren't coming through in the exact way that you'd want them to. This will require you to back off and accept. Can you do that?

Of course you can, Scorpio. You are a strong person, and you don't have to have it all your way right now, right here, this minute. Even if you think you need it that way, you'll learn via the methods of Sun trine Saturn that sometimes you have to wait your turn. It's all good, Scorpio, and you already know this on some level.

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3. Pisces

Pisces Zodiac Signs Being Tested By The Universe On July 10, 2024 STILLFX from Getty Images, glow, Berry Art, MD.REZUAL KARIM | Canva Pro

You may have a moment or two during this Wednesday's trial and error section of the week, and what's meant by that is that by the time July 10 rolls around for you, all things will abruptly take a different direction. This is definitely upsetting to you — at first, but it's something you'll come to see as 'part of the plan.'

While spontaneity isn't your forte, and you do like your organization and plans, you must deal with the whims of Sun trine Saturn, as this transit really likes to play with the idea of sudden change. If you feel you are being tested, that might be a good way to handle it all. You like a test because you like to ace it.


So, you can know that if you are to ace this day's test, then you must learn to roll with the punches, and if it requires ninja skills on your part, then it's time to get out that black hooded outfit and do your best work, Pisces. Yes, you'll be tested by the universe on Wednesday, and yes, you'll kick its butt!

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