The Week Of July 8 Brings Significant Changes In Relationships For 3 Zodiac Signs

Say what you mean – not what you fear.

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The astrological energy of the week beginning on July 8, 2024 brings significant changes to the relationships of three zodiac signs. Being mindful of this energy and how to navigate it can help alleviate conflict.

Venus will shift into Leo on Thursday, July 11. And while it does strengthen your desires and give you a certain boldness, it also may make you more prone to arguments. This will be especially true on Friday, July 12, when Venus opposes retrograde Pluto in Aquarius. You may not be able to separate whether you are operating from current triggers or an old wound. 


While it’s normal to see that separation or breaking up can serve as a way to keep you safe from heartbreak, you don’t want to avoid your own inner work in the process. Try to hold space for what seems uncomfortable and practice mindfulness so that you don’t find yourself single this week — and in regret the next.

3 zodiac signs who may experience relationship challenges between July 8 - 14, 2024

1. Aquarius

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While you do need to listen to your inner voice, Aquarius, it is important to remember that all of your feelings may not actually be based on current events. 

Pluto is currently retrograde in your sign, which while a necessary review, isn’t helping love matters as it’s turning up all the romantic sludge you’ve buried inside. As Venus in Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius, you may find yourself so triggered that your first impulse is to run in the other direction — but that may not be the best choice in the long run.

A lot has occurred in your romantic relationship recently involving boundaries and proper planning for the future. While your desires for connection are real, the issue is these events aren’t just part of this relationship but are bringing up everything you experienced in the past. The goal is to react differently through healing, but that does not involve running away as you so often like to do.

While you’ve been guided to finally have that important conversation with your partner for some time, the week of July 8 just isn’t the time for it. Instead of just exploding in pent-up frustrations, try to take this week to sort out what you are actually feeling, sort the past from the present what is from the past and then make a plan for what you need to bring to your partner. Doing this won't just save your relationship, but also can help your own healing so you don't encounter this situation in the future.


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2. Leo

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While honoring your inner truth is important, Leo, you also must realize that you can’t make it all about yourself — especially when it comes to a relationship. It seems that you are seeing your partner in a fairly negative light, and because of that, you may not be acting like your best self. Periods of challenges are normal even in healthy relationships, but in this case, your partner is getting rather fed up with always being labeled as the one in the wrong.


On Friday, July 12, Venus in Leo will oppose retrograde Pluto in Aquarius, creating strife and challenges in your romantic relationship. Just because you feel like you are doing everything right doesn’t mean that’s the case. You can tend to see yourself in only the best light, and while positivity can go a long way, at this point your partner is feeling confused and even gaslit about how you’ve been handling matters.

You need to choose to become more accountable, Leo. Look for what your partner is doing right or where they might be trying to show you their best intentions. While you do deserve all the love you have dreamed of, you also might need to ground yourself in reality and see that it actually takes two to create that kind of relationship. 

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3. Capricorn

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Change is a good thing, Capricorn — but it seems you need to remember that in the week of July 8. As an earth sign, change isn’t as easily embraced as, say, an air sign simply because of your divine nature. While this isn’t necessarily a bad trait, it does complicate romantic matters when you are at a fork in the road. 

Relationships are meant to grow, change, and evolve, but if you continue to force your way at this point, especially as Venus moves into Leo on Thursday, July 11, then you just may find yourself single. Venus governs over romantic relationships and love, but in Leo, it asks that you embrace change, which also means surrendering to the process at hand instead of pushing your own agenda. 

You have an incredible capacity for accomplishing your goals. But the thing is, Capricorn, your partner isn’t a goal to work on but a person to work with. Just because you think that your way of progressing the relationship is the best doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. The more you resist these changes, the further you push your partner away.

Try to ground yourself in what is real by making a list of what you want or the plans you have. Then, start making another list of what your partner has expressed they want or even the opportunities for change that have popped up. Now, start seeing where there can be a crossover and where you can compromise. 


You don’t want to fight an uphill battle, but you also don’t want to lose this relationship just because you weren’t flexible enough to see that there may be a better plan than the one you had made.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.