3 Zodiac Signs Experience A Turn Of Fortune On July 5, 2024

New Moon energy presents us with a choice.

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While we won't be able to see the New Moon in Cancer on July 5, 2024, we will feel its presence as there's a distinct feeling of change in the air. New Moon energy tends to present us with a choice, and should we act on that choice, we start to rev up the engine. Astrology shows us that Friday could have three zodiac signs, one of which is experiencing a turn of fortune and one that is most welcome into our lives.


This Friday, we're examining how to proceed and what we believe should be our 'next logical move.' New Moon energy works with Cancer's home-based personality traits, which could mean that the turn of fortune we expect may involve home base, security, and safety.


During a Cancer New Moon, we're not taking big chances and risks, but we ARE considering the idea of hunkering down, knowing what's ours, and making the best of what we have in ways that feel fortunate. For three zodiac signs, the fortune we create at this time may involve treasuring what we already have as gold.

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Aries, Taurus and Aquarius experience a turn of fortune on July 5, 2024.

1. Aries

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During the New Moon in Cancer on July 5, you will come to know that you have everything you need right in front of your own eyes. You are smart and capable, and you have come to understand that your tendency to overthink things is what gets you in the most trouble. Now, as of this day, you feel more at home with your mind, which brings about an easier way of accepting the good fortune in your life.

Just knowing that 'you are alright' right now shows the universe that you can finally handle the turn of fortune heading your way. The universe wants to know that you are strong enough to stick with it should things get 'really good.' It seems that during the New Moon in Cancer, you'll know exactly what to do to make that happen.

So, it boils down to you trusting your own gut feeling — the first time around. You've come to understand that if you overthink it, you find everything wrong, and then you become your own worst enemy. That's what changes on Friday, Aries. You are now ready to trust your gut and forge ahead fearlessly, creating good fortune at every turn.

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2. Taurus

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Knowing you are so loved helps you see things from a much brighter perspective. So much of that is possible due to the New Moon in Cancer on July 5, 2024. This is the kind of energy that allows you to choose which way to go, as in good or bad. You know exactly what to do if you want to do the wrong thing consciously, and this is NOT what you wish to do, Taurus. Good for you for choosing to turn your fate around.

The idea that this lunar transit is 'invisible' doesn't mean that the Moon isn't in the sky. It is, and this is symbolic in so much as this is what's going on in your life as well. Something big, powerful, and beautiful exists in your life right now. Just because it's not visible now doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You'll be working on that during this New Moon in Cancer.


This is the hinge upon which great good fortune comes to you, Taurus, and it's all about how you perceive it. You will choose to see it all in a very positive and welcoming way, which helps to create more and more 'good stuff.' This turn of fortune is plentiful and long-lasting.

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3. Aquarius

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You are about to experience a turn of fortune, Aquarius, and it comes to you in the form of self-acceptance. Your life was something you complained about for too long, and you didn't really take the time to 'smell the roses, ' so to speak. Even though you definitely feel gratitude, you made your situation worse because you didn't want to see the good in it.

That's where it all changes, and because of the New Moon in Cancer, July 5 will usher in a new way of thinking for you. If you look around, everything is absolutely perfect, and why? Because it's yours. This is your life, whether good, bad, or in between, it's your precious life. All of it suddenly seems so vital and alive.

What you have is yours to work with, Aquarius, and the choice that is made present by the New Moon in Cancer is what pushes you over the edge and into a more positive way of looking at it all. This is your turn of fortune, and it could very well generate more good luck, more money, more love, and more self-satisfaction.


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