4 Zodiac Signs Receive Much-Needed Signs From The Universe On July 2, 2024

Neptune retrograde leads the pack on Tuesday.

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The lineup of astrology transits on July 2, 2024, is vast and influential, and set the scene for four zodiac signs to experience some very personal 'signs' directly from the universe. 

There's a lot of Neptune energy vibing our way and one of these Neptune happens to include the planet's retrograde, which means that four zodiac signs will not only receive signs from the universe, but we'll be thinking about what theu receive for many days to come. While each sign will mean something different to each individual, the entire day will be devoted to deliberation and thought. Whatever sign you pick up on today, know that it's meant for you to contemplate before making any hasty decisions.


4 zodiac signs receive signs from the universe on July 2, 2024

1. Aries

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There's a LOT going on out there in the cosmos, and Neptune retrograde definitely leads the way today where you are concerned, Aries. You've got mail — the universe is trying to tell you something, and that something is: 'get real.' You're trying too hard, Aries, and Neptune retrograde is telling you to relax, come back to earth, and chill.


You may not realize that you are overcompensating these days, and that's precisely why a retrograde transit really is helpful for you. You're putting forth an inauthentic version of yourself, and you are so much greater than this. Trying too hard creates an image of yourself as desperate, which is the antithesis of who you are. 

You are an Aries — you have it all within you, as is, right now. There is no need for you to back down and pretend you are less than you are when you are, without a doubt, one of the strongest people we've got. 

Get real, Aries. The universe is telling you to trust in the idea that you're perfect just the way you are.

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2. Cancer

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When you get a sign from the universe on Tuesday, July 2, it's going to look like work asking you to do more than you want (or are willing to) do. This means that you need to figure out a way to make your boundaries clear and uphold them. This is how Neptune retrograde works in your world. It shows you to define borders.

Everything about this day pushes you the wrong way, and that, my friend, is your sign. If you don't want to do something, then why are you doing it? Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. This is YOUR life that you are living and if pacing yourself and setting boundaries adds to your experience, then listen to what your heart says, Cancer.


Neptune retrograde is here to tell us all to think before acting and in your case, Cancer, you act before you think and end up regretting it. July 2 gives you the rare opportunity to defend yourself and stand up for your rights. So...do it. Don't let this beautiful moment pass you by, because when you declare your worth, people respect it.

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3. Scorpio

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Tuesday, July 2 has you going over certain things in your mind and having second thoughts about the things you felt certain about only a few days ago. That's how Neptune retrograde brings you the sign you need to pause and reflect before jumping into something you might later regret.

It's July and everything seems sparkly new, and what you had in mind during June for some reason doesn't feel as prevalent as it does now. The universe's sign for you registers as something inside of you changing, meaning you need to rethink certain choices.

This is where you turn things around for yourself, Scorpio, and by listening to that inner voice, you know to pause, reflect and consider. Neptune retrograde is a strong transit and it pulls on you, but it leads to great decision-making and personal pride. You'll be able to congratulate yourself after this day is over knowing you did the right thing.

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4. Sagittarius

sagittarius sign from the universe july 2 D GraPX, Eduard Litvinov and margiartho / Canva

Tuesday, July 2, brings you an insight that you might not have been in tune with before, Sagittarius. Because of Neptune retrograde, you'll be in a position to take back something you said in terms of commitment. This is business-related and may have something to do with backing out of a previously made commitment. The universe is waving a red flag for you, telling you to 'back away.'

This is all you needed to understand that if you were to go ahead with the originally made plan, you'd lose something important to you. The sign you get is to back off. You listen because it registers in your heart as the truth. You have been spared, Sagittarius.


This also shows you that it's good to trust your intuition. Just because something looks good at first, doesn't necessarily mean it IS good. That doesn't imply that you should distrust, but it does mean that you always need to read the fine print, so to speak. You are on the right track now, which is exactly what the Neptune retrograde helps you find.

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