2 Zodiac Signs Experience Joyful Abundance On July 11, 2024

Embrace the joy of the present moment.

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Venus will shift into Leo on Thursday, July 11, bringing a surge of new and abundant energy to your life. While Venus governs matters of the heart, finances, real estate, and joy, it’s also important to let yourself embrace the qualities of Leo during this transit for maximum benefit. 

Venus in Leo is more than just bold; it truly seeks to play through life. There’s nothing wrong with stepping into the limelight occasionally and letting your radiance shine. While there is a time and place for humility, there is also one for boldness and taking dramatic action to manifest the life of abundance you want.


You don’t need to hide your gifts or feel as if confidence will lessen future blessings. Instead, it’s time to be who you are. Own your power, your energy, and the way that you can make each moment one that is truly a part of your dreams.

There is less seriousness with this energy as you don’t feel as rigid or confined to specific decisions or outcomes. You will more deeply trust the process and be able to feel greater confirmation for those decisions made from the heart — a part of yourself that Leo governs over. 


There is no reason you must suffer on the path of abundance. Instead, let yourself play, laugh, and take up space on this beautiful journey called life.

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Two zodiac signs will experience joyful abundance on July 11, 2024

1. Aries

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Love is supposed to be fun, Aries, not something that drains you or forces you to show up for yourself. The thing about a love that continues to bring a smile to your face is that you also fall deeper in love more quickly. Don’t try to save face or feel like you must take this slow. Instead, let yourself enjoy the journey and be grateful you’ve finally manifested this incredible love into your life.

Venus will return to Leo on Thursday, July 11, bringing a dose of fun, romance, and the desire for commitment back into your life. Venus in Leo wants you to have fun with love and learn to choose what feels best for you. You don’t have to always try to do the right thing or worry that something is too good to be true. Just let yourself enjoy this, and don’t worry if you feel like a particular connection is moving too quickly, as everything is happening precisely how it is meant to be. All you have to do is let yourself enjoy it.

After a rather rough spell in the romance department, the tides turn, and love finally returns. You deserve this, dear Aries, so don’t waste time thinking there are any rules of engagement you must follow. Just let yourself fall, and most of all, enjoy the ride along the way.

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2. Cancer 

Cancer Zodiac Signs Experience Joyful Abundance On July 11, 2024 zodiac-signs-experience-abundance-july-11-2024

It’s time to focus on the money, Cancer, as you are moving into a very abundant phase of 2024. As much as you often prioritize your connections with others and more simple pleasures in life, please don’t underestimate the importance of money, especially as it allows you to focus on what is more important to you. 

While the universe will be blessing you with greater opportunities for wealth, make sure that you also put a bit more work into creating the abundance and life you want, as in this phase, you very much will be responsible for creating your luck.


Venus will shift into Leo on Thursday, July 11, bringing your focus to your financial abundance, many new opportunities, and offers to help increase your wealth. While you’ve had a love-hate relationship with money in the past, it’s important to remember that you deserve all you seek in this life — and it just so happens that money does make all the difference. Focusing on your finances or building wealth doesn’t mean you don’t value other aspects of your life; it’s just that you know that to make your dreams a reality truly, you need a certain foundation of security.

Start looking into that side business, polish your resume, and prepare for those unexpected financial gifts. Practice affirmations honoring what you deserve, and don’t be afraid to make things happen for you. Anything you touch during this time truly will turn to gold, so let yourself start building the life and wealth you know you’ve always deserved.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.