5 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drastically Improve The Week Of July 1 - 7

Truth will always reveal genuine love.

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A new month is here and with it arrives an opportunity for a beautiful new beginning for the relationships of five zodiac signs with the Cancer New Moon on Friday, July 5. 

Cancer is the sign of home, family, and the sort of domestic intimacy that lets you know the love you have is the one that will last forever. It’s not looking for short-term flings or even just a distraction, but instead will truly help inspire you to find the one you can continue to grow with.


But before you enjoy that beautiful new beginning, there is some work to do, as Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on Tuesday, July 2. Neptune retrograde removes the rose-colored glasses of illusion and allows you to see the truth — not just about your relationship, but also yourself. 

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This is a time when any one-sided connections or those that have been a product of a fantasy will now be revealed, helping you embody the truth so that you can make the decisions to attract a better love. While Neptune governs dreams and illusions, it also brings the lesson that what is real will also be more beautiful than what is simply imagined.


Saturn, the planet of duty and responsibility, in Pisces will align with Venus and Mars in Cancer, beginning on Wednesday, July 3 to help you sort out any obligations and begin to make a plan for greater fulfillment in love. 

While patience will be more than just a virtue this week, if you practice embracing periods of reflection and knowing when it’s time to make a life-changing move, you can rest assured that you are on the right path. Truth is never something to fear when it comes to love — it only helps reveal what is genuinely real.

5 zodiac signs whose relationships drastically improve the week of July 1 - 7

1. Virgo

You may want to take some time for yourself at the beginning of the week, Virgo, as you might discover some new information that could dramatically impact your relationship. This doesn’t mean that you will be faced with a break-up, but only that what you thought isn’t actually the reality. 

As Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, you might discover that some of the ‘truths’ you’ve been operating on were more of perceptions or even wounds. Your partner and relationship might actually be healthier and better than you’ve been giving them credit for — or you might find that your partner’s vision of the relationship is actually completely different than your own. This is no reason to give up all hope, but you do need to take accountability for your part and be open to seeing situations differently.


Saturn in Pisces will also align with Venus and Mars, which may test your patience or ability to hold space for your partner. Try to recognize that you might need to figure out your thoughts or accept that you have been seeing things differently from how they actually are before having any conversations. 

While this connection can be saved, you also need to be willing to be flexible in order for that to happen.

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2. Capricorn

When you can let go of the past while also learning from it, you enter into the best possible place for love. There is no rule that you must punish yourself for the rest of your life or that you need to live in fear of situations reverting back to how they were. You deserve to free yourself as much as anyone else, dear Capricorn, as no one deserves to be judged by their worst moments. 


As the New Moon in Cancer rises on Friday, July 5, try to open your heart — first for yourself and then your partner so that you can not only let go, but truly forgive. Forgiveness continually paves the way for new beginnings in love, but it has to be genuine and come with a promise to not bring up the past again.

You have been so committed to becoming better and changing how you show up for your partner that you haven’t realized you are already doing everything you can. You don’t need to continually approach love as if you could lose it at any moment. Some trust, especially for yourself and your healing, can go a long way in feeling confident that you deserve these new beginnings.

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3. Pisces

There is no time like the current to grow and blossom into your best self, Pisces, especially as it will bring that love you have been dreaming of. Neptune will station retrograde in Pisces on Tuesday, July 2, joining Saturn here, and providing you a space to actually figure out how to better yourself. 


While you’ve been in an ultra-serious mode recently, trying your best to do the necessary work, you now need to understand that a big part of this journey is simply allowing yourself to receive. Boundaries are always key when it comes to love, but once you feel confident in those you’ve created, you also need to be open to accept the love your partner is trying to offer you because you are about to be offered everything you’ve ever wanted.

As Neptune and Saturn are working to help you heal, learn, and expand, the Cancer New Moon on Friday, July 5 will bring in an offer of serious commitment. This is about a new beginning in a committed, serious, forever-love relationship — one you’ve been scared to get your hopes up about. It’s understandable that you’ve wanted to take it slow and try to build that foundation, but it’s also time to allow yourself to do what you do best: love.

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4. Aquarius

Love doesn’t have to mean all or nothing, Aquarius. It doesn’t mean you have to compromise your dreams or that your person has to be your everything. Some of these are the overly romantic notions that have threatened to steal your joy in the past, but it’s also about you recognizing you can have your own beautiful life and still have that relationship you’ve always dreamed of. 


As Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Leo, on Tuesday, July 2, conversations will turn towards love, the agreements of your relationship, and what you need to feel genuinely loved. Remember that you don’t need to agree to or go along with everything — each decision you make should ultimately be one that not only brings you peace but resonates with your truth.

As Mercury in Leo inspires more conversations about love and romance, there is a great deal of Cancer energy still present which means that you will need to care for yourself and reflect on what you genuinely need from your partner. Cancer inspires not just physical self-care in the form of rest or massages, but also emotional and spiritual well-being, which means if you don’t have space for a big conversation, it’s better to wait than force yourself to try to show up. 

Try to find a balance between caring for yourself and still talking through what needs to be discussed remembering that you will never need to force what is meant to be.

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5. Aries

You’re entering a unique period of opportunity in your romantic life right now, so it’s important that you take advantage of the opportunities that will be coming in. This means that you need to build up your confidence, trust your instincts and remember that you are worthy of all that you have dreamed of. 

As Mercury shifts into Leo on Tuesday, July 2, conversations will take a more serious tone, especially in terms of marriage, planning a future and even a lifelong commitment together. You might not feel ready for what you want, but you have to trust that if it’s arriving for you, then everything is also happening in divine timing. Try to believe in your own readiness and let yourself receive everything you’ve always wanted.

While Mercury in Leo brings in talks to deepen a relationship or commitment, the Cancer New Moon on Friday, July 5 helps you believe that a new beginning is possible. There is a part here of letting the past go and trusting that you are ready for what you’ve been planning for — but you also have to remind yourself that no matter what you’ve been through, you deserve happiness and love. 

Try not to let fear have too loud of a voice so that you can fully embrace this new beginning and let yourself create this new chapter in love.


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.