Luck Improves The Week Of June 24 - 30 For These 5 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Lucky dreams do come true!

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Dare to be different and dare to be bold — luck will favor you when you do. That's the energy around luck and good fortune this week, between June 24 - 30, 2024. Five Chinese zodiac signs — Ox, Horse, Goat, Pig, and Rabbit — will be the luckiest under this influence among them all!

This week's I Ching hexagram of luck this week is Fire over Earth (#35) changing to Water over Water (#29). It reminds us that when people say to dream big, they truly do mean it. Yet, “big” can mean many different things in different contexts. That's where your inner force and reflection come in.


Don't let the world dictate what the most worthwhile dream is for you. Because once you are aligned within, you will find your luck in the most unexpected ways. 


Now, let's focus on the five Chinese zodiac signs that are the luckiest this week, between June 24 and 30, 2024.

1. Ox: Shining luck, through and through

Ox, you have extraordinary luck this week! Any wish you make now can come true. Things are heating up behind the scenes for you, and dominoes have begun to fall in your favor. 

If you have felt unjustly treated by anyone in the past, whether exes or friends who backstabbed, the evening of the playing field happens soon. You are encouraged to ground yourself while this cosmic shift happens so you can do what's right for you and continue moving in the right direction instead of getting caught up in unnecessary drama. 

Working with the crystal lazurite will be favorable for you this week.

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2. Horse: Star-like luck

Horse, if you are in the entertainment field in some capacity or are a public figure or public speaker, the energy of luck this week for you is astounding in those arenas. You will feel the warmth of the spotlight, and the attention of a brand-new audience brought to you out of the blue. Some of them will wonder, “Where have you been all this while?” and the answer would be: waiting for your luck to shine. 

The colors red and green will be lucky for you this week, and so will wearing shoes that make you feel confident.

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3. Goat: Introverted luck

Goat, you will find your luck this week when you choose to pull away from socializing and decide to focus your attention on the private project that whispers of greatness if you can complete it. Whether this is in the field of art, engineering, or a business plan, you must hunker down and focus, or you will never realize the dream that's within you. 


Of course, you don't have to go into complete lockdown for this. Spending some time with close friends or family can inspire you, too. The color blue will be lucky for you this week.

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4. Pig: Sweet luck

Pig, you are a beautiful soul, and your luck this week is just as good. It has a quiet and soft feel to it, so don't expect fireworks and grand announcements when it comes into your life. Nope, it will flow in like a gentle breeze instead, bringing you joy in the most unexpected ways. 

For some of you, this will definitely feel like a blessing for your love life. For others, this will expand your horizons and open your eyes to the vast diversity in the world and all the cultural experiences you have yet to explore. If you wish to test your luck and enter a competition, go for it! The color blue will be lucky for you this week.


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5. Rabbit: Patient luck

Rabbit, your luck this week is all about being patient and acting when it's the right time. Allow your intuition and observation skills to reign supreme. You will be able to pick up on the signs and synchronicities around you better and know when luck comes your way. It can even come in the form of a new person who connects you to a fresh opportunity or randomly tells you about an event that will be excellent for your personal goals. 

Trust your instincts on this. The colors violet and blue as well as white flowers will be lucky for you this week.


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