3 Zodiac Signs Find True Love On June 19, 2024

We are able to hit the bullseye, in love and in romance.

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On June 19, we may find that falling in love and finding someone worthy of our love is quite possible, as this Wednesday's astrology shows us that when the Moon is in Sagittarius, our hearts are in tune with our minds. This leads to precision in romantic choice-making. In other words, we can hit a bullseye in love and romance because of Sagittarius' tendency to 'get it right' due to focus and aim.


June 19 allows us to trust ourselves when we decide to love someone. We have it in our minds to find true love. While we might also be taking that idea with a grain of salt, some of us really do want this to be a real thing. We might chuckle over the idea of 'true love,' but secretly, we want it very badly.

Wednesday may be mid-week, but it's hard to deny the Moon in Sagittarius, no matter when it decides to bless us. For three zodiac signs, we will see that it's OK to trust the love that is before us and that it's OK to believe that something as 'farfetched' a notion as 'true love' is indeed something to believe in. We can, we will, and we will be glad we did.


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Lucky for these three zodiac signs, they find true love on June 19, 2024:

1. Gemini

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This Wednesday gives you an opportunity to trust your gut and go for it, and the 'it,' in this case, is love. You've been holding back when it comes to love and romance, and truly, who could blame you? It's hard to trust one's gut, let alone to trust another human being. Your experience has calloused you, but it most certainly hasn't stopped you, Gemini. June 19 allows you to believe in love again.


With our Moon in Sagittarius, we are looking at complete optimism. If there's a 'good way' to see everything, the Moon in Sagittarius brings that to light. Not only is this day hopeful, but it also brings results that convince you it's OK to move forward with the person you've just met. What you'd like to believe is 'true love' actually is.

Isn't it funny how you doubt yourself until the end, Gemini? What is starting to feel so good to you, so right, is still something you question ... until you can question no more, and that's what happens on Wednesday. You will see that you need not defend yourself any longer. The love that is in your life is true. It's real and waiting for you to believe in it.

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2. Libra

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Now and then, the universe likes to line things up 'just right' so that we players in the game of life feel like we're about to win. For you, Libra, this day, June 19, will most definitely have you feeling victorious, as the love of your life has just confessed to you their feelings...and those feelings let you know that this really is 'true love.'

Being that you are smart and on the ball, you don't let go of this easily. You know a good thing when you see it. The days of testing your partner and putting them through the hoops are over. You are head over heels in love, and so are they. Neither of you feels the need to question what's going on overly. What's true is true, and being that you both feel it ... then why not go for it?

Life hands you a beautiful opportunity on Wednesday, June 19, and during the Moon in Sagittarius, you'll know you are right about the money for the person you've fallen in love with. Sagittarius energy does that: it helps us to confirm our feelings. It directs us to shoot for what makes us happiest, and for you, Libra, this day shows you that your true love is right here, waiting for you.

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3. Capricorn

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Because you are someone who questions things like authority, love, and business, you are already smart enough to take things in stride. You have patience and can wait to see if something is 'real' or not. When it comes to your own love life, Capricorn, you'll find that what you have now is both real and true.

You have found the love of your life, and they are going to remain true and loyal to you. You feel the vibe that comes along with the Moon in Sagittarius, and it feels good, but more: it feels right. You aren't kidding yourself during this oh-so-honest transit. When the constellation of Sagittarius influences you, honesty is everything, and what you see before you is...true love.


You aren't going to doubt this, Capricorn, as your senses tell you to trust; it's OK to trust. It's OK to believe, and that's where you feel ultimately most powerful. If you can lay aside your doubts and second guesses, you'll be left with pure trust and happiness. If you are so lucky to be in this position, as you will be on June 19, 2024, then go for it. This is your life. Fill it with true love.

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