3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome The Past & Heal From Heartache On June 10

The day will come when we will say goodbye to our heartache.

3 Zodiac Signs Overcome The Past & Heal From Heartache On June 10 Isi Parente via Unsplash / Gace Studio, Julia Dreams Canva

Healing from heartache may be something that many of us do not see as something that would or could happen any time too soon, as we tend to attach ourselves to our pain and hold on to it like a security blanket. While that might sound counterproductive, it's just one of the things we do when we are hurt; the hurt, while painful, is 'familiar.' We are 'used to it,' and so we cling to it as it's the only thing we know, and in some odd way, this gives us comfort.

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However, we know that the day will come when we will say goodbye to our heartache and overcome whatever keeps us hanging on to it. We don't know or realize that when that day comes, it's real, meaning we do not feel the clutches of the past and the pain that drags us back there. For three zodiac signs, the Waxing Moon in Leo does the trick and helps us along.


We can't heal unless it's real, and the 'real' is what's happening on Monday. It's not only going to feel good. It may even surprise us a bit as it comes on as a wake-up call that shows us that we haven't been singled out as 'that one person' who can't get over the past. We can, we will, and our heartache-free existence begins on June 10, during the Waxing Moon in Leo.

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3 zodiac signs overcome the past and heal from heartache on June 10

1. Aries

Keeping in mind how this transit, the Waxing Moon in Leo, works, we see that the 'power' is just beginning, and this is where it all starts working for you, Aries. You can't shake the feeling on June 10 that something good is about to happen, but you are also becoming aware that this has something to do with letting go of the past. Something is 'up,' and while it feels good and promising, there's still more to go before you really understand what's happening here.

Monday shows you that all of your positive energy is about to be used to heal your past wounds. You have gotten yourself into situations that you thought were good, and you've found out that the main reason why you can't succeed on the level you want to succeed at is because there's still something about you that is attached to the past.


This is what sets you free on Monday, June 10. You are finally in touch with what has hurt you, and you now see that it really doesn't hold as much on you as you once thought. This kind of thinking eventually turns into your liberation, Aries. An entire world of goodness awaits you, and during the Waxing Moon in Leo, you come to see that your invitation is waiting on your RSVP.

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2. Scorpio

When the universe points you in the right direction, you can't help but go with the flow on that one, as this particular Monday seems to feel a little less 'harsh' and for some reason, you can't get it out of your mind that something has changed for the better. While you may not be able to put your finger on it, you'll figure out soon enough that the past no longer has claws in you. You are on the verge of being a free person.

So much of this is possible due to the presence of the Waxing Moon in Leo in the sky at this time. You will heed this call, and it will instill in you a sense of confidence in the present. You may even feel the past isn't teaching you all those great lessons you began to tell yourself it would. You really aren't getting anything from that old pain any longer...perhaps it's time to move on, Scorpio.


You can overcome the past, and all that came with it. You are now feeling very good about the present, and the future also looks pretty bright. Positive thinking really has changed your life, and this is something you want more of. Why bother hanging out in the past when you have come to experience how glorious the present is? There's no going back, and you don't want to.

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3. Capricorn

It's time to make amends with your past and accept that there's no point in living in it now that it's over and done with. So much of your precious life has been spent rehashing old memories and reliving the very stuff that has caused you such grief. You've always known that this day would come, and on Monday, June 10, you'll see that you were right all along; it's time to let go of the past.

You've overcome many obstacles in your life, and with the help of the Waxing Moon in Leo, it becomes clear that we are here for a limited time. With this knowledge, you will make an executive decision to move on with your life. Heartache is a part of life, and for most of us, we do exactly what you do: we hold on until we can hold on no more.


'No more' is what the Waxing Moon in Leo provides for you on June 10. Capricorn, it will be refreshing. You didn't know that on the other side of that pain and heartache was a fresh new beginning. This is what Monday offers you, and because the timing on this really couldn't be better, you go for the gold. You are intelligent, beautiful, and full of life, and you want to live, so live it up, baby!

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