3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Are Being Tested By The Universe Between June 10 - 16, 2024

The week of June 10 brings a series of stressful transits that may make it challenging to move ahead.

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The week of June 10th brings a series of stressful squares and astrological transits known to drum up conflict, which may make it challenging for three zodiac signs to move ahead, speak their feelings, or see the truth about your relationship or partner. Often, astrologers compare this aspect to the climax point in your favorite film, as events can either improve or take a turn in a more severe direction when they occur. Regardless, squares create a moment where you can no longer ignore the difficulties you are facing.


Saturn in Pisces will create the first square with Sun in Gemini on Monday, June 10th, which can create difficulties around progressing your relationship or feeling uncertain about what you can do. 

As the energy builds throughout the week, Mercury in Gemini will square Saturn again, along with Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces.


There will be challenges. You may feel stuck when it comes to creating an action plan to move forward because it will be harder to differentiate what is truth versus what your feelings are about any recent triggers. Try to hold space for your feelings and ensure you are looking at your partner's actions and not just their words so that any choice you make will revolve around the healing you need at this time.

3 zodiac signs whose relationships are being tested by the universe between June 10 - 16, 2024

1. Virgo

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A problem doesn’t go away by ignoring it, but it also can’t be solved with you being the only one trying to improve things in your relationship. As much as you possess a deep ability to heal, you do need to be mindful that you aren’t trying to fix your partner or overwork to achieve the love you need. If your partner is truly the person for you, then they will be able to approach any challenges as a healthy, mature adult.


On Monday, June 10, the Sun in Gemini will square off with Saturn in Pisces, creating a challenge in moving ahead or feeling genuinely seen by your partner. You’ve already been aware of or trying to deal with this aspect of feeling seen. Yet, as the energy of the Sun and Saturn begins to affect your connection, you may have to decide if this relationship is truly one that can be healed — or if, instead, you are meant to enter a new single phase of your life.

Embracing healthy boundaries over what is yours to carry can help you approach this current challenging phase in your relationship. Remember you are worthy of the love you desire and of being met with reciprocity and effort so that you and your partner can work on healing the relationship.

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2. Sagittarius

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Just because you want something doesn’t mean it’s always meant to happen. It can be hard to readjust what you thought your life would look like or even find a safe space to pivot if love hasn’t turned out how you had hoped. However, there is a reason for these challenges you are experiencing at this time: to manifest healing and greater connection in your relationship, you also need to be willing to understand the difference between your ego and your heart.

Mercury in Gemini will square off with Saturn in Pisces on Wednesday, June 12, bringing unwelcome news to your relationship and delaying any plans to further your connection. In an era where you want a deeper commitment, you are being challenged to ensure that you genuinely follow your heart and not just carry on because it’s a path you’ve already taken. Mercury and Saturn might bring bad news regarding plans to move in together or purchase a home, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t ever work — just that you might need to adjust your plans together.

Try not to get disheartened if it feels like what you had hoped for isn’t coming to fruition at this time. You have an opportunity to ensure that the choices you’re making come from your heart versus any feeling of obligation. But to make the most of this energy, you can start opening up and talking with your partner. You don’t have to carry the weight of planning for the future but should be able to co-create your lives together.

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3. Scorpio

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It might not always seem fair, but to have the life and relationship you’ve always dreamed of, you can work for it. This doesn’t mean becoming exhausted or even tirelessly feeling busy or stressed, but only that you are willing to take decisive action toward improving your relationship and life. When you can be bold enough to align your choices with what you dream, then you will receive the full support of the universe.

On Sunday, June 16, Venus in Gemini will align with Neptune in Pisces, creating friction and a point of stress as you try to figure out how to change your romantic life for the better. You have entered a new era where you will be guided to surrender to the process of transformation, which means it’s not just your romantic relationship that will receive healing but your entire life. This change is directly related to the type of romantic relationship you desire with your divine right to be happy. But to have what you want, you must release your hold on what no longer resonates with your soul.


As you start feeling the effects of Venus and Neptune in your life, try paying attention to any fears that arise. It’s almost as if the universe is trying to show you all that is possible, yet you are still hanging on to what you no longer want, unable to trust that something better does exist. Be mindful of going with the process of change instead of resisting it so that you can feel confident in whatever choice you make. It won’t only lead to healing but also true love.

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