3 Zodiac Signs Having The Most Eventful Love Life Between June 17 - 23, 2024

As three planets enter emotional Cancer, you're reminded to love yourself enough to embrace luck when it arrives.

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The week of June 17 brings a procession of planets entering Cancer as Venus, Mercury and then the Sun all shift into the emotional waters of this zodiac sign. Under this energy, three zodiac signs will find their love lives get a little more interesting.

Cancer helps bring you more in touch with how you feel — not just about yourself, but also your relationship, showing you that your emotional well-being affects the luck and abundance you experience. Because Cancer energy can often bring a desire to care for and support others, it also asks that you put yourself first. It doesn’t mean you have to go this path alone, but that you must ensure you are working to achieve your own happiness and fulfillment.


The balance of self versus others peaks on Friday, June 21 with the Full Moon in Capricorn. While Cancer wants fulfillment through its relationships with others, Capricorn is determined to succeed at all costs. For you, this translates as finding what balance means to you. You can be surrounded by all the love you deserve but still achieve the success and recognition you know you are destined for as well. And while love might make the world go round, determination helps you fulfill your dreams.

3 zodiac signs having the most eventful love life between June 17 - 23, 2024

1. Aquarius

When you give yourself more, you’re also able to receive more from others as well. You have been incredibly busy and focused on different areas of your life recently and haven’t really been checking in to make sure that everything you’re doing is actually part of building the relationship and life you really want. All that changes this week in a stroke of luck, as not only are you able to take a step back from the busyness of life, but your romantic life begins to heat up as well.


The procession of planets into Cancer beginning on Monday, June 17 will highlight your need to not only slow down and embrace self-love but will also help you honor boundaries that can protect your relationship. As you begin focusing more on the connection and what you need to do in your life in order to enjoy more of it, you can immediately feel the positive effects in your romantic connection. Asteroid Vesta, ruler of the internal flame and home, shifts into Leo on Wednesday, June 19, bringing an increase of connection, desire and spontaneity which will make you feel as if you really are the luckiest person in the world because of who you get to share your life with.

Take time to embrace greater slowness — schedule that facial or massage. Create time for easy mornings of tea and books and let yourself come back to that feeling of home within yourself. Then as Vesta shifts into Leo, take the opportunity to infuse your relationship with the flame of connection, and create plenty of alone time so that you and your partner can make the most of this opportunity.

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2. Cancer

You will be all in your feelings the week of June 17, but you’ll become stronger because of it. It’s time to call your power back to you, Cancer, and recognize that your emotions aren’t weak, but a part of what makes you so authentic. As you’ve focused more on building a new chapter in your life (or rebuilding, as the case may be), you’ve been more aware of how you are showing up and how you can sway events in your favor. The secret is always in owning who you are. Because once you do, everything changes for the better — including your romantic relationship.


Take time to journal or reflect on how the way you feel about yourself has shifted in recent months. Get outside into the sunshine and let yourself really embody just how much you’ve accomplished in this new phase and express gratitude for yourself. The more you can get in touch with your emotional side, the more receptive you will be with what the Capricorn Full Moon on Friday, June 21 ushers into your romantic life. This is a point of fruition, one that began on January 11 with the lunar cycle of Capricorn. As this lunation occurs, you’ll be getting a sign of just how far you’ve come which will let you know it’s safe to love again.

The Capricorn Full Moon in your house of love creates a delicious energy to bask in all you have created, take a relationship to a new level, or even reintroduce yourself to the dating world. Your period of initial self-reflection and healing is now over, so it’s time that you get back to doing what you do best — living a life of love.

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3.  Sagittarius

You don't like anything more than for love to be a grand adventure, and the week of June 17 it’s exactly what you will receive. While Gemini season can be fun for dating and getting to experience more playfulness in your relationship, it doesn’t always bode well for creating long-term love. But now that the energy is turning, you can take those new experiences you had in love and start to make it into more of the relationship that will actually fulfill those deep longings for connection. There is never anything wrong with wanting to write your own rules for love — you just need to be willing to find someone who wants to do the same.


Let yourself focus your energy on building intimacy, experiencing exciting changes in your relationship and traveling together as Vesta shifts into Leo on Tuesday, June 19. Vesta is that inner desire to experience all that you can, and in Leo, it brings opportunities to plan a summer getaway or simply embrace a new and deeper meaning in your relationship. But the luck continues as Cancer season begins on Friday, June 20, helping you to take action to keep building your connection and to allow yourself to progress your relationship.

While you often need more time to settle into a connection, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find all you want within a relationship with one person. It just comes down to knowing what you need and then letting the love you experience together become the greatest adventure of your life. And even if a fling began as something that was only supposed to just be one fun month, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it more serious — or permanent — in your life. Explore your partner and connection with the same inquisitive curiosity you do life and you will find that love can’t only be lucky but can also constantly surprise you, too.

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