How Neptune In Pisces Tests The Relationships Of 3 Zodiac Signs The Week Of June 17

With Neptune at a critical degree, it's time to let yourself love outside the box.

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This week's horoscopes teach us that there is a strict difference between fantasy and reality regarding love. You need to see what is rather than what you wish things to be, which is a theme the week of June 17 as Mercury, Sun, and Venus square off with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the planet of illusion and fantasy, so this week may be one of reckoning if you or your partner haven’t genuinely seen your relationship's reality.


Because of Neptune, pay attention to moments when you create an imaginary relationship with someone because of your desire for connection or a fear of being alone — this theme can affect any relationship. You must hold onto hope in love and see your partner in the best possible light, but you must also be able to ground yourself in reality.

There is hope, and that is because while you may be faced with some tough moments, you will also be given the inspiration to love outside the box as you come up with unconventional ways to heal your relationship. Instead of simply breaking up or going to counseling together, it might involve doing a sound bath to release trauma, an inner child healing activity, or redefining the paradigm for your relationship. The idea is to hold a healthy balance of both reality and hope. It is also important to approach any problem openly to find what works best for you.


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Three zodiac signs who may experience relationship challenges for June 17 - 23, 2024:

1. Capricorn

Communication problems are one of the most shared challenges in any relationship, not just because of the sensitive nature of relationships and emotions but because each person has their way of communicating. You have known for some time that you need to try to open up to your partner and be honest about your feelings. It seems that the process of learning that has finally taken a toll on your connection and matters reaches a boiling point in the week of June 17.

Venus, the planet of love, in Cancer, will square off with Neptune in Pisces on Monday, June 17, creating a harsh reality of what a lack of communication can do to a relationship. This is your wake-up call, and as much as you had thought you were both on the same page about the connection, you most certainly are not. Even though it can be hard when your partner’s emotions get the best of them, you must understand it also comes from a place of love. They aren’t just going to guess that they know how you feel, and neither should you. To have a healthy relationship, both people must feel confident, which comes from loving communication.


Rather than just sitting down for a talk as matters heat up in your connection, try writing one another a letter. Let yourselves be honest about everything you are feeling and share your perspective. Shy away from statements that begin with ‘you’ and embrace more phrases centered around ‘I.’ Once you’ve each written your letter, create a quiet space to read them to each other, promising not to interrupt or ask questions during the process. By approaching this gap in communication differently, you may find that there is something here worth saving.

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2. Virgo

You have to decide what you really want from life and whether or not the person you’re with fulfills that. While everyone is a work in progress, there is a difference between honoring that in a relationship versus actively hoping or working to change the other person in the ways you want. It’s not wrong to experience life more or do more activities together, but your partner may not be on the same page. Instead of working to get them to be or do what you want, try to reflect on if you are truly aligned.

It's okay to have your social life be an incredibly important part of your life, whether hosting dinners, having regular couples you spend time with, or simply going out on the town or for foreign getaways. It doesn’t mean your partner must want their life to include all that. Mercury in Cancer creates friction with Neptune in Pisces on Monday, June 17; you may have to pull back and see who your partner truly is, not who you’ve been trying to turn them into.


Instead of seeing this as an all-or-nothing, try to really see your partner for who they are. Maybe they will never want the social circle you do, but reflect on what else they uniquely bring to your life. Look for compromises, and also let yourself get reintroduced to who your partner authentically is. Love works best when neither person actually wants to change the other, and if that is not a reality you can accept, then it may be time to open yourself to find someone more aligned with what you want.

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3. Pisces

You have so many parts of what makes you that it can be hard to show them all to your partner. There is also often the tendency to become a chameleon, or mermaid in your case, in different situations as you tend to take on the qualities, likes, or preferences of those that you are around. While this isn’t always a negative aspect, you do need to make sure you know who you are. Don’t be afraid to show your more unique side to your partner or the parts of you that you’ve often felt like a contradiction — like how your wild and free spirit blends in with a strong desire for a loving home and family.

You can also have a more mature and healthy love when you realize you can still try new things your partner introduces you to without feeling like you’re losing yourself. Pay attention to how you see yourself and how you’re showing up in your connection as the Sun in Cancer creates tension with Neptune in Pisces on Thursday. You may realize that the recent challenges you’ve been having aren’t necessarily your partner's fault but might be because you were still holding back who you really are.


Instead of having a light-hearted conversation on date night, talk with your partner and make a plan to introduce one another to each other’s uniqueness. For this untraditional approach, have you and your partner each plan three dates that help to reveal or experience a unique part of yourselves. You will plan three dates that help show who you really are, whether it’s a concert, a local beach clean-up, or a cooking class — and your partner will plan three dates that they feel show their authenticity. After the dates, talk about how the experience may have shifted how you view one another or deepened the connection. Remember, falling in love is ideally something that repeatedly happens — just with the same person.

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