Hardships Come To An End For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 11

When The Sun aligns with the Moon we know what we need to do.

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On June 11, 2024, we will see the problem so we can remove it. They say that to heal something, you have to feel it, which means that we have to be at the right place in our understanding to heal and let go. During Mars square Pluto, we can spot the problem and whip it as it should be removed from our lives.

These hardships cannot define us. They are merely hardships, and while one's personal lot in life cannot be diminished by someone else's judgment, we know that whatever it is we're going through, we are the ones who will stand up to those issues and do what we need to do—which is to remove the obstacle. And the way we remove it is by admitting that it's there.


Once we get going on that, it's a breeze. Three zodiac signs are going to laugh over the idea that they let themselves get so entangled in their own problems, and while those problems are still legitimate, they cannot be bigger than we are, and during the Mars square Pluto transit, we come to know this up close and personal; we are bigger than our problems, and we are ready to make them 'go away.' And so, we do.


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Hardships come to an end for three zodiac signs on June 11

1. Cancer

Mars square Pluto all comes out in the wash, as they say. At this time, you will see what is true and untrue, and you will have the choice of seeking your own level, much like water. What this means is that when everything clears up for you, in terms of the pain and heartache you've carried around for way too long, you'll have to choose where you hang on tightly or just let it go.

What this pain has brought you is a burdensome, time-wasting load of nothingness, and you, Cancer, are now ready to be free of it once and for all. You are not here to host hardships, even if you once thought that was your purpose in life. We all change, and sometimes, we get that extra kick in the pants from transits like Mars square Pluto, which shows us that transformation is our destiny.

You are ready to take it on, and on Tuesday, you will face that truth and stare it down like the warrior you are. We're all strong, we're all warriors, and we all have within us the power to overcome our hardships. So pat yourself on the back and get ready to kick some serious tush, Cancer, because you will be saying 'buh-bye' to your bag of hardships.


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2. Libra

While you feel the world's weight on your shoulders, you aren't one to ruminate on this idea, as you don't want to give yourself more hardship than you already have. But there's a nugget of wisdom here, and you will discover it during Mars square Pluto on June 11. What's going on is that, by noticing something is wrong, you start paying closer attention to it, which eventually sets you free.

You are now on the path of liberation. Change and progress are your destined goals, and if you don't want to lug around the burden of the past and all of the hardships that you've been holding on to, then it's up to you to make that transformation take place. And boom! That's what June 11 is all about for you, Libra. Letting go of that which no longer serves you.

It's a big lesson, indeed, but it's a lifesaver, and once you cross that line into freedom, there will be no returning to the past where the only promises are the ones that keep you in bondage. You are freeing yourself from hardship on Tuesday, June 11, and it's all because you are brave enough and self-loving enough to work with the energy that is Mars square Pluto.


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3. Scorpio

What you will be discovering on Tuesday, June 11, is that you had the power all along to rid yourself of the emotional baggage that you know you've clung too tight to for way too many years. It's time to free yourself from this negative identity that you began to define yourself as. You are not the downer, the bringer of bad news, or the negative person in the room; you WERE someone who was in pain and didn't know how to communicate that.

Now, the path has opened for you, and you can use the transformative energy that comes with a great transit like Mars square Pluto. This is where it all changes for you, Scorpio. You owe no one your pain or your stories of hard times. You are tired of hearing yourself complain, and thankfully, you no longer have to adhere to that old plan because you've changed.

This is an important transit and an even more important time in your life, and you mean to make the very best of it. What you can look forward to is being happy again. Knowing that you have no more ties to the past and owe 'hardship' no more years, you can feel free to walk this earth with bliss in your heart and hope in your soul. Let that twinkle come back to your eyes...you deserve it, Scorpio.


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