3 Zodiac Signs Experience Powerful Horoscopes On June 9

Something extraordinary is about to take place.

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The Leo Moon aligns with Jupiter in a rousing chorus of 'get up and go, go, go' on June 9. We'll notice that so much of what we want out of our lives is about to take place, much to our delight. Have you ever felt in your bones that something great was about to happen? There's no rhyme or reason to it. It's just a gut feeling, and you can't shake it, nor do you want to.

That's what this Leo Moon does for three zodiac signs. It puts that energy into motion and delivers it, and that feeling of being powerful, positive, and affirmative is exactly what will take us to the next level. Whatever it is that we've been dreaming of, it can happen at this time, and the great part is that we might not even know 'exactly' what it is. All we know is that something extraordinary is about to take place.


We can expect miracles for the three zodiac signs that catch this buzz and begin to believe in. Love comes into our lives. New opportunities open up for us, but most of all, that 'great and positive' feeling we have? It's going to manifest as something altogether new and wondrous. While it may have us dazzled by its promise, it will also fuel the fire of our will to make good of it. Sunday opens the doors to all things good and hopeful.


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3 Zodiac Signs Feel Powerful and Positive on June 9

1. Taurus

Nothing gets you down, and the only reason you know this is because you've allowed yourself to 'get down' plenty of times, and the only thing you've gotten from it is misery. So, being that you are smart and have the right mindset for a miracle to take place, you will utilize all the good energy the Leo Moon offers. Wow, is it offering it up on June 9?

You're not holding back; during the Leo Moon, you feel strong and hopeful and have a real bounce to your step. Nothing can stop you, and nothing would dare. You feel the support of friends and loved ones is all you need. This lunation has you owning your personal strength, and your confidence is nothing short of inspiring.

So, during this transit on June 9, you will get it into your head that you can stir up so much positive energy that you can practically change the world if only everyone else could get on this kind of wavelength. People's negativity doesn't put you off. In fact, during the Leo Moon, you feel all the more dedicated to being good, doing good deeds, and helping others to find their bliss.


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2. Scorpio

Don't be surprised if you find yourself saying something silly on Sunday, like, "I just know something good is going to happen!" This is one of those days that keeps bringing in the positive vibes, and so much of what goes on during June 9 is all about the Leo Moon transit. It's not just the goodness you feel but the hopefulness. The people in your life also notice what's happening, and you may find that this Sunday will feel fantastic.

You don't even care if you're wrong because you've already decided that something GREAT will happen. Your thoughts reverberate throughout the universe with what you believe is a guarantee of affirmation. You believe, and so you create from that belief. This isn't 'seeing is believing.' This is 'believing is seeing,' which is the essence of positive and powerful thinking.

You have started catching on to the idea that you are responsible for your happiness. Once you get this into your mind, you can't help but want to take responsibility for everything: past, present, and future. This gives you mental control and makes you feel good about yourself and life. This is just the beginning for you, Scorpio. Your beautiful new life has just begun.


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3. Sagittarius

The only thing you risk overdoing on Sunday is boring people to death with your joyous attitude, as not everyone is ready to accept how 'happy' you are. And happy you are, most definitely, Sagittarius. As we've all learned, some folks can't take it. Well, then, they are not on your cloud because where you are during Leo Moon is nothing less than pure stellar excellence.

No one will put a damper on your beautiful Sunday, as you can't help but feel that not only is 'everything going to be OK,' but that you are responsible for making it so. With that kind of power in the palm of your hand, who would be ecstatic? That's how you feel: ecstatic, and it's around the clock. You're about ready to take off. To Jupiter and beyond!

As a natural-born optimist, your zodiac sign always opts in for positive energy, and in your case, Sagittarius, with a Leo Moon on your side, it's as if you've been supercharged for action. You aren't just feeling it; you're putting it into motion, and your actions will be magnificent. You're on a roll now, and nobody knows where you end up, nobody knows, but one thing is certain: during the Leo Moon, you know nothing but happiness.


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