3 Zodiac Signs Who Release The Past & Overcome Challenges On June 7

No, we're not living in the past, and no, we are not suffering.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Release The Past & Overcome Challenges On June 7 denisapolkaphotos, Mikkehouse from pixabay | Canva Pro

During the Cancer Moon, we feel a strong pull towards the home and heart. All that has us feeling secure and safe is what keeps us in balance at this time. On Friday,, we will see that for many of us, nostalgia means security, and no matter what anyone suggests or advises, we feel as though we know the truth about ourselves. This desperate push to let go of the past, as others constantly mention it, is just something we're not about to do.


We have our reasons. No, we're not living in the past or suffering. We get what people believe: the moment is now, and that life takes place in the present, but there's value in the past for these three zodiac signs. If it means we can't shake 'the glory days,' then during the Cancer Moon, it looks like 'others' will just have to get used to it.

We  avoid trendy phrases like 'let go of the past.' This is absolutely wise advice, but it's not always applicable. Sometimes, we're happy with our past, and we don't need to let go of it so that others around us can mark our growth with a golden star. We are happy to be who we are, with our history intact and our life story behind us. We're good. Are you?


The 2 zodiac signs who release the past and overcome challenges on June 7

1. Leo

You have found yourself arguing over the reasons why you should leave the past behind and why someone else thinks this is such a good idea for you. You are the only one who realizes why you are so attached to the past, and quite frankly, you're getting tired of hearing how 'stuck' you are and how you need to move on and progress. Have they not paid attention to all of your good deeds?

This Friday, June 7, shows you that the people in your life are paying too much attention to what they think you should do. During the Cancer Moon, you may want to tell them all to just back off, please. You know what you're doing. You aren't pining away over some lost love. You're a nostalgic person, and the past has meaning for you. It's not taking away from you; in fact, it enhances your present-day experience.

You really don't want to have to explain yourself again, and the last thing you want to do is scold someone for what they believe to be 'just helping.' You don't need the help, and you just kind of wish everyone would just let you be. In your case, the past is not some prison of negative energy. In fact, it's a place of great inspiration and artistic reflection.

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2. Virgo

It really doesn't matter to you if you are conscious of the fact that you should probably let go of the past, as so much of your identity is based on what you did once upon a time. That you keep many items of the past is your business. While you may have a partner or a friend who insists you get rid of some of this 'old, worthless junk,' you will not do so, as this is the furthest thing from worthless to you. In this case, you are really all that matters. After all, it's your life that you're living.

Your attachment to the past is not something you can easily give up, as it's taken a lifetime to build this cement bond. If it's not hurting you — as it isn't—then it's really not something you feel you need to pay attention to. During the Cancer Moon on June 7, your sentimentality will be at an all-time high, as Cancer transits tend to work on nostalgia and home-based memories.

While those in your life might perceive you as stubborn or incapable of growth, they are quite simply wrong about you. You are just as capable as the next person. What they don't get about you is that your stronghold on the past is your choice. You get to choose how you live your life. This one is their problem, Virgo. If the past comforts you during the Cancer Moon, then so be it. Stay with what you love. It's all OK.

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3. Pisces

You've lived your life knowing what you like, dislike, will tolerate, and will have nothing to do with. While this list fluctuates throughout time, when you feel strongly about something, you defend it. One of the things you won't be going back on is the past, which implies that your past has meaning to you. You won't rewrite history to make someone else feel as if you're 'ready to grow.'

During the Cancer Moon, you know of your personal growth, and if there are people in your life who believe you need to step it up a bit, then let them wait. This is your life we're talking about, not theirs, and your tie to the past is part of what makes you, YOU. You happen to like yourself, too, and if you happen to feel that the likable person you've become is the sum of all your past experiences, then there's no reason to deny those experiences.

You are super honest with yourself, Pisces, and you are also quite tired of hearing how you 'need' to let go of the past. Perhaps the person who tells you this is grappling with their past and their denial of what 'they' need. The truth is that you are happy with who you are. If there's a change that needs to take place, you will be the one to find that avenue, but that path certainly does not lead to the past.


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