Relationships Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 6

We've got a New Moon square Saturn at this time, and that can be both troubling and liberating.

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On Thursday, June 6, 2024, certain zodiac signs are going to find out two things: whether or not we can accept our partners as they are and whether or not we can tolerate ourselves for doing so. We've got a New Moon square Saturn at this time, which can be both troubling and liberating. Then again, doesn't greatness come from sacrifice? We'll see this in action on June 6. Three zodiac signs will find the feeling to be both relieving and burdensome. Why burdensome? Because if we have to learn to accept something in our relationship we don't necessarily like or want, we carry the burden of compromise.


Compromise is natural and necessary. It may be what Saturn has in mind for us all along, as this planet tends to 'put us in our place.' We will learn to accept our partners, but a trade-off is involved. This is why the acceptance that we offer must be genuine. We don't want to kid ourselves with this one. This is why we must be honest with ourselves about whether this acceptance is real or not.


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3 zodiac signs whose romantic relationships improve on June 6, 2024: 

1. Cancer

You've always wanted a stable and loving relationship. It's been a goal for a long time, and it's also felt unreachable at times. The thing about you, Cancer, is that you have ideals in mind. As you've come to understand, ideals are ideals and are often not based in reality. You've been seeking the impossible, and while you believe you have every right to believe in what you believe in (you do), you have been met with less-than-sterile results.

And, on Thursday, during the transit of Moon square Saturn, you will ask yourself whether any of this idealism is working for you. You are in a relationship right now with someone whom you absolutely adore. All seems well on the outside, but inside you, in your mind. You can't help but consistently seek out and find what's wrong with this 'wonderful' person.

This is when you accept them as they are a good person. Well, what if they don't meet every check on your life of what constitutes the 'perfect partner.' Saturn's energy has you coming to understand that we are imperfect creatures and that we literally cannot be perfect. It's just not what human beings do. So, if you want to live the rest of your life with this wonderful person of yours, then it's time to accept them 'as they are.'


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2. Libra

You are all for the idea of living the perfect life. If you're the one to define perfect, it would basically mean that your partner agrees with everything you suggest and that they love it all simply because they can't help it. They are totally into everything you're into. While that might have been what started the relationship up in the first place, as the two of you grow together, you've come to realize this person isn't an extension of you. They have their wants, needs and desires.

During the Moon square Saturn, you'll see that this bothers you. Not only that, you don't want it to bother you. That idealism you treasure also applies to yourself, and you don't like feeling 'off' about your feelings. You want your life to run smoothly, and when difficulties arise, you sometimes pretend they don't exist. That is why June 6 has meaning for you, Libra, as this is when you consider accepting your partner for their differences.

One great thing about you is that you are very open to change, even if you can't control it or make it go your way. If there's a positive takeaway and you can adapt to it, then you will. That's how the energy of Moon square Saturn affects you. It guides you to a place of acceptance and joy. You can be happy with this. You have to adapt. That's a piece of cake.


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3. Sagittarius

While you can be quite stubborn when it comes to getting what you want, you tend to place too much importance on the things that don't work for you. So when you and your romantic partner are at odds, you either get sad and mopey or fierce. What Moon Square Saturn shows you on Thursday is that neither attitude works. The only thing you can do if you want to save the relationship is adapt to your partner's ways.

This isn't 'giving in,' and it isn't 'giving up' either, Sagittarius. This is life as it is, and much like your Libra friend above, you cannot set an ideal and live by it. That's where disappointment is born. It's not that you have to lower your expectations to be happy in this world. It would do you a world of good to allow for the ebb and flow of other people's personality traits. Your partner is not you, and while that's obvious, you can't expect them to act 'just like you.'

This Thursday opens up the idea that you can adapt and accept your partner for who they are because they are a really nice person. They'll do it for you, so do it for them. Once you show your beloved that you are not standing in judgment of them, they will come forth with so much enthusiasm and gratitude for your love. Be kind and receive kindness. Balance is where it's all at, Sagittarius.


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