3 Zodiac Signs Being Tested By The Universe From June 10 - 16, 2024

Three zodiac signs are challenged to overcome obstacles this week.

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June 10-16, 2024 may be one of the prickliest weeks of the month with Mars square to Pluto on Tuesday, Mercury’s square to Saturn on Wednesday and Venus’ square to Neptune on Sunday, transits representing difficulties and conflicts in astrology. People may act competitively with each other while using gaslighting and other manipulative tactics to get ahead. There will be questions about what is real and what is not, which seems to be a current theme in society thanks to Saturn and Neptune both spending time in Pisces these days.


Regardless of whether it’s in work, friendship, family or love, you may want to stay away from people who tend to overreact at the slightest provocation as suspicion, paranoia and dwelling on the past may present thorny issues. Love, betrayal and lost love may be front and center for some, along with negativity and obsessive behaviors.

The key to navigating the week is to focus on your own goals and stay away from naysayers or those who like to control and dominate the scene.

3 zodiac signs being tested by the universe from June 10 - 16, 2024

1. Virgo

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It’s been a rough year for Virgo with Saturn opposing your sun sign. If you are a latter degree Virgo and Saturn has not yet opposed your sun, it will between now and early 2026. Any year Saturn conjuncts, squares or opposes your sign is more difficult than others, as Saturn is the taskmaster who teaches us hard-learned lessons. The more we go against what we know we should really do, the harsher Saturn can be. This week, you will experience a kaleidoscope of emotions after last week’s new moon, which probably left you drained.

On Tuesday, watch for people who want to control or take credit for your work. By the same token, guard against being controlling or overbearing yourself. As a Virgo, you understand that what you view as constructive criticism may not seem constructive to the person you are criticizing, so handle this carefully. There is a war-like energy in the air over the next several days and the first step is to be aware of it.

On Wednesday evening, don’t let things get blown out of proportion. Today may seem tiring, draining and depressing with many thoughts connected to events from the past.

By the weekend you may need to take off the rose-colored glasses and look at things the way they really are. You will do better letting the past be the past and focusing more on your future.


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2. Leo

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Leo may not have the best of weeks but tapping into your natural enthusiasm and positivity should carry you through.


Tuesday morning can bring some unexpected twists and turns which could leave you feeling rattled. Work and/or relationship issues may take a turn for the worse or you could become involved in a power struggle with someone who clearly desires supremacy or to win just for the sake of ego. Brush off any encounter like this over the next few days — your best course of action is to refuse to engage in anything that isn’t above board. Of course, you are a fighter — but expect pushback and intensity if you choose not to deflect. Are you picking and choosing your battles or will you be drawn into an ego match that doesn’t really benefit you in the end?

By mid-week, you will have to decide whether to go down the rabbit hole of negativity, or simply look at matters critically without becoming critical of others or even yourself. Thursday night into Friday, the energy leans toward willfulness and this could include you or those you are in contact with. Again, choose your battles wisely as opposed to letting your ego lead the way.

By the end of the week, it’s time to look at the reality of certain situations, especially concerning money, finances and how you feel about your relationship. Only by facing the reality of the situation can you work to really improve the situation or make logical changes that will better your life.

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3. Pisces

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This has been a tough year for many Pisces and Saturn is especially affecting everyone born March 8-10th at this time.

The week may start with a focus on money, work and finances and there could be a few unexpected twists and turns at the start of the week relating to work. Be careful with your communication with others early on in the week. You tend to dredge up deep-seated issues in your subconscious mind that, if you continue to dwell on them, could affect your relationships with others. This can include people and issues from the past that you find hard to let go of, including past romantic relationships or even a current one.


Others, particularly coworkers, close friends and immediate family members may try and push your buttons or engage you in contentious debates or verbal power struggles in an effort to prove themselves correct. The best advice is to simply not engage in this behavior, as their motivations do not take your best interests to heart. Alternatively, you may push someone else’s buttons either deliberately or inadvertently.

By mid-week, your focus will be on your partner (if you have one) and issues could arise if you are not aware of the moods and feelings of your partner. You may feel more tired than usual through the middle of the week, so it will be important to get plenty of rest as a lack of rest can lead to negative thinking which can result in negative communication. There could also be some very serious conversations later in the week that could affect your future,  so it is important not to expect a negative outcome.

By Friday, you could come face-to-face with someone else’s ego or your own. Remember the old saying, "pride comes before the fall."

The weekend is a mixed bag. As long as you don’t take anyone too seriously that you shouldn’t take seriously all will be fine. Saturday and Sunday, however, would not be a good day to make any important decision, commitment or take anyone you don’t know well too seriously because if you do chances are strong you will eventually regret it.


But don’t worry Pisces — all things will improve in the near future!

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