3 Zodiac Signs Who Endure Relationship Problems & Overcome Them On June 4

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and face your fears.

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Nobody likes to fight with other people, yet everyone seems to experience relationship tension. We may dread social dinners; sometimes, we can't wait to escape a business event. We will go to bat for our friends any ol' time, yet the reality of actually 'being' around people, depending on the situation, can make us want to run away. On Monday, during one particular Saturn transit, we will face ourselves and figure out if we really want to be with our tribe more — or less.


There's always some potential for some kind of friction between humans, and Saturn's energy brings this out, which may be a key factor as to whether or not we get together with someone on June 4. We don't want to continuously put it off for another day, but nothing is appealing about getting together with this person, and for three zodiac signs, we may be looking for a way out of this engagement.


In the long run, we appreciate people and really don't want to think of humans as anything but 'good' and trustworthy. However, the reality is that for three zodiac signs, this day does not bring out that loving light. In fact, it may have us being a little too overly judgmental or picky. That's a two-way street, as one of the reasons we might want to avoid a social event on Tuesday is that we, ourselves, do not want to be picked apart.

3 zodiac signs who endure relationship problems and overcome them on June 4

1. Gemini

When the Moon aligns with Saturn, you'll find yourself in one of those situations that, no matter how hard you try to get out of, it somehow pulls you back in, much like how the Godfather felt in that famous scene. You cannot escape an event on this Saturn transit is going to make sure you sit down and stay put. And, that's that.

Here comes the people friction, and didn't you know it would happen, Gemini? You didn't opt for this, so why are you there, then? You felt obligated to do this even though you knew it would be the very thing that would have you looking for an escape hatch, but no escape hatch or getting away from obligation. OK, this is where you check in with your inner calm and get through it all.


It's temporary, and you're used to it, so no harm, no foul. What you really do get out of this is that you also value your peers, and you're happy to have them. While these people bug you to pieces, they are also the only ones who are ever really there for you, so if it means you have to bite the bullet 'for the sake of love' then so be it.

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2. Virgo

Getting together with that one person always makes you feel conflicted. On the one hand, they are good to you, perhaps 'too' good to you, in the way that their excessive goodness brings you guilt, and you don't want to lug around a ton of guilt every time you see them. On Tuesday, get that luggage open because the guilt is coming, and so is the other person.

It's OK; you've been down this road a thousand times, and while Saturn likes to remind you of how much you resent this person, you're also more prone to accept that this is just how it goes with them. It's not like it's ever going to change. You'll always be at odds with this one person; they know it just as much as you do. Yes, their concern is overbearing, but it's still 'love.' It really is.


If you didn't have this person in your life, you may feel really lonely. Even though it's your big secret, the truth is, you don't want a life without their constant nagging or guilt-giving. You care for them so much that it's hard to admit, because if you did, holy smokes, what new version of guilt would they come up with for you to hold on to ... forever? You never know!

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3. Aquarius

Conflict is the name of the game regarding how you feel about get-togethers. While you like your social network very, very much, there's this real guarantee of conflict and argument, and it's almost as if it can be no other way. Someone's going to start something, and before long, everyone will chime in with their opinion and in seconds, it all turns into noise, in your opinion.

Saturn is responsible for the calamity that sets you in the right place for relationship friction, likely at mealtime, when all transactions occur. You may be tempted to stand on top of the table and cry your guts out, like a toddler, but you won't do that. You'll keep cool and wait it out like everyone else seated at that table, trying to remain composed.


You can leave. And you will. At the appropriate time, that is. You're not going to dramatically flip the table over and pronounce your declaration of departure, but you will get to say a sweet goodbye with a kiss on the cheek, knowing that you will probably BOLT like Usain as soon as the door closes behind you. You are free, but you'll be back, Aquarius. Oh yes ... you'll be back.

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