3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Life's Problems On June 3, 2024

Just because we 'can' doesn't mean we should.

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What makes June 3 such a special date for learning a hard lesson all lies in the idea that we have not yet learned the discretion of the internet. While we don't automatically combine astrology with social media, we must be honest. If we're looking for horoscopes, where else can we find them online, on our trusty phones and computers? We spend enough time online to admit that this is a part of our lives now. So, we must also learn to act accordingly.


Just because we 'can' doesn't mean we should, as 'free speech gives us the right to scream 'fire' in a crowded theater.' We need to learn how to behave online and that it's not a free-for-all. During the Taurus Moon square Pluto, three zodiac signs will show that while we need to curb our negativity, we must not rely on the applause and acceptance of total strangers when we bring forth our positivity.

Being positive is one thing, but is it authentic when we're doing it for the kudos? Can we not just experience a thing of beauty without formulating a Facebook post ahead of time, which takes us out of the moment and places us in the future, where we foresee a crowd of worshipping fans, all approving us for being on the beach, losing that weight, being in a relationship, showing off a pedicure? On June 3, during the Taurus Moon square Pluto, we may feel the need to be in the moment rather than to broadcast that moment to the world.


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Three zodiac signs whose lives improve on June 3, 2024: 

1. Leo

What June 3 teaches you, Leo, is that just because you can doesn't mean you should. You are someone who adores the attention of others, be they strangers or familiars. You might even find that you are addicted to this kind of attention in ways that have you demanding more and more each time you get a fix.' During the Taurus Moon square Pluto, you may find that you let this need get out of hand as you say something on social media that backfires on you.

At first, you may not mind the idea of being the one person who thinks the way you do on a certain topic, but when the backlash of haters comes to 'comment' in the way the anonymous tend to do, you will find yourself wanting to hide under a rock; this wasn't supposed to happen. You wanted love and support; you envisioned yourself as 'the hero' and not as a target for making fun of.

This entire day shows you that the internet is not where you have to express your every single emotion. You've come to see that it's unsafe for this kind of play. People are crazy, and you don't like what they do when there's no face behind their words. Taurus Moon square Pluto shows you that discretion is the better part of valor, as they say, and now you get it.


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2. Virgo

You have made a real scene out of your social media accounts. You've lost your entire audience, as nobody really wants to read about your hate for this or your disdain for that. You seem to think that by endlessly reposting the memes that other people wrote, you'd somehow get a rousing standing ovation for being brave enough to be as outright hateful as you are. Yet where are the kudos? Where are the mobs of friends, all agreeing with you?

During the Taurus Moon square Pluto on June 3, you will come to see that what you're doing is uncool, Virgo. Just because you are an armchair activist doesn't mean you're allowed to be as spectacularly hateful as you've been online. Are you really getting anything out of this, and how do you explain how all your friends have made a mass exodus from your account?

Being that you are sitting pretty in a cushioned life where the worst of your problems are that of any other person on Earth, you will be jolted into reality on June 3. That reality is going to show you that you've got it good, so why consciously bring in so much negativity? This really stands out for you at this time. You're living a good life. Why bother spewing hate as if it will make a positive change in the world? You know it won't, and that's what has you stopping this kind of behavior.


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3. Pisces

You now regret telling everyone on your social media groups that you were going on a diet when, in fact, that diet failed. Here you are, on June 3, wishing you didn't make such a big deal of rousing everyone's support. We all do this, so you're not alone, but virtue signaling is one of those things that always ends up biting the person who does it in the rear.

When we try to convince the online world that we are above it all, enlightened, part of a great movement, better than others, and wiser than all, we usually end up wishing we hadn't acted so arrogant. That's wisdom for you; it's not a show-off. For you, Pisces, learning this the hard way allows you to accept that it's OK to be silent now and then.

 It's a great time for learning huge, meaningful lessons, and what you'll get on June 3 is the idea that not everything you experience or do or see or see or feel bad about needs an audience to approve of. The idea of coming back to check how many people 'liked' your status has started to look like you need to get yourself a real life, and that's what turns you around. June 3 has you realizing that you do have a real life and that it needs no approval from strangers.


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