2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance When The Moon In Capricorn Aligns With Mercury In Taurus On May 26

Abundance flourishes in a balance of intuition of practicality.

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On May 26, 2024, the Moon in Capricorn aligns with Mercury in Taurus, helping two zodiac signs in particular understand their intuition more clearly so that they can begin practical planning on how to follow it. The Moon reigns over inner guidance while Mercury can help you understand your dreams and what you are being guided to create. Knowing which abundant direction you want your life to take is only the beginning of manifesting your dreams. 


2 zodiac signs experience abundance when the moon in Capricorn aligns with Mercury in Taurus on May 26

1. Aries

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In true Aries fashion, you have risen out of what was expected of you and begun to step into the freedom of living life according to your own desires and truth. An essential part of you continuing to manifest the life you want is having the financial resources to do so, which is what the energy of Sunday, May 26 is all about as the Capricorn Moon aligns with Mercury in Taurus.


The Capricorn moon shines a light of truth onto your house of career and recognition, helping you intuitively understand what you feel called to pursue or create. At the same time, as the moon aligns with Mercury in Taurus in your house of wealth, you will be given an opportunity to take action in the career changes that will help to bring greater financial abundance. Taurus is an energy that doesn’t just help to attract more wealth, but also lets you take a stand and know what you are worthy of receiving. With your career and finances under the spotlight with the current energy, you need to ensure that you are being compensated in the ways you deserve, and if not, then it may be time to change roles or advocate for a raise. Don’t be afraid to raise the cost for your employer, or others, to have you in their lives.

As the beneficial energy of the Capricorn moon and Mercury in Taurus begins to filter into your life, it’s important to reflect on whether you are honoring the career moves your intuition is guiding you toward. You will receive the greatest rewards when you start listening to your inner self with greater trust, and in this case, it’s not just about more satisfaction in your career, but the financial abundance to live as you have always wanted to.

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2. Sagittarius

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Be prepared to stand behind any changes you are called to make, knowing that even if others don’t see the purpose or benefit, you are confident that you are on the right path. This may be a case of moving privately for the time being as you protect the ideas that you’ve begun implementing in your life. It might be better to keep some ideas to yourself because the moon in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus are helping you rearrange your life to honor what you deserve — and the financial abundance you have been trying to manifest.

On Sunday, May 26, the moon in Capricorn aligns with Mercury in Taurus, helping you ee where your intuition is guiding you to make changes in your life that will support you in honoring all you deserve. The moon in Capricorn is resting in your house of financial wealth and self-worth, helping you tune into your true feelings while Mercury in Taurus is all about those changes in your daily life that can help you manifest the dreams you’ve developed. Mercury in Taurus may bring changes to your career or those who you surround yourself with as you begin to communicate what you need to feel like you are living your best life. While Mercury in Taurus implies there will be a need for communication, you need to ensure you are only bringing others into your plans that fully support what you want to achieve.

Try to meet everything that arises with the deep sense that there is no great reward without great risk. You will need to prioritize what you want and deserve from life and not be afraid to take risks or make significant changes to honor this crucial intuitive clarity. Reflect on what opportunities you’ve had recently, and how you have been speaking to yourself regarding what may be possible. The surest way to guarantee you are honoring your dreams is by making sure you are creating the physical and emotional space to manifest them truly.

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