The 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs When Moon Trines Mercury On May 26

If you want to dream big, then go right ahead.

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During Moon trine Mercury on May 26, three lucky zodiac signs dare to dream big. These zodiac signs feel audacious enough to defy the limits set upon them as they don't really relate to everyone else's idea of what should and should not be. 

The 3 luckiest zodiac signs when Moon trines Mercury on May 26

1. Aries

If ever there were a zodiac sign who would turn down negativity again and again, it would be you, Aries. You are not only strong-willed and purposeful, you are someone who won't let another person crush their dream simply because they don't see eye to eye with you. You've met plenty of people who think you're out of your mind, and still you persist. Good for you!


During the transit of Moon trine Mercury on May 26, you'll share something with your romantic partner that lets you know they are truly on your side. You dream of doing something so outrageous, and only this person can understand what you mean when you say, "I'm going to make this a reality." They trust your vision, and so do you. You dream big because you feel there's no other way to dream. Why waste time hoping for mediocre visions to come true when there's this gigantic world of promise out there waiting for you to conquer it all? 

This is how you relate to Moon trine Mercury, or rather, how it relates to you. You won't be held back, but when you do find someone who can dream alongside you, you'll have a blast with them, as you will with your partner on May 26.


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2. Taurus

You are one of those people who doesn't settle for small potatoes when it comes to dreams. You don't stick around for mere millions — you say things like, "I'm going to be a billionaire." You've got an eye for the big stuff, and whether you put your money where your mouth is or not, none of it affects the scale of your dreams. Dreaming big makes you happy and gives you hope. While the Moon trines Mercury, nobody will dare intervene in that one.

This is how you make yourself happy. You are no dope, Taurus. You fully recognize how hard this world has become and that the odds are stacked against you. Should that be a good enough reason for you to stop dreaming big? Heck no, you'll never give in. You are a Taurus, after all, and this is where you get to show the world that being stubborn works perfectly well for you. 


You set the tone for others in your life as well, like your romantic partner, for instance. By being the biggest and most positive influence in their lives, you show them that they, too, can dream big and find themselves loving their lives as a result of this kind of thinking. You are a living example of positive thinking, and whether you manifest those dreams or not, at least you keep them positive. That's a huge thing to know about yourself, Taurus.

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3. Libra

Not once in your life have you felt deflated by dreaming big. In fact, even when your dreams seemed pretty much impossible, you let yourself believe in them anyway. Your dreams are yours to expand upon, and you'll do exactly as you please with your life because it is YOUR life. If others in your life choose to feel down and negative, then that's their prerogative. As for you, you're going to keep it happy, positive, and hopeful.

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This rubs off on your romantic partner and gets them all stoked for the pursuit of their own dreams as well. During Moon trine Mercury on May 26, both you and your mate will feel very good about being your unique selves. You don't offer yourself up for the judgment of others and you stick with the ones you trust. Your partner is right there beside you, loving this life just as you do. You'll be feeling the love on Sunday as you and your partner decide to shut the world out and stick to yourselves in your happy, blithe little world of dreams and schemes. 


Whatever you do at this time, Libra, is of your own volition, so it can't be half bad, can it? It's also nice to know that your partner supports everything you dream about. Together, you can do it all the way.

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