3 Zodiac Signs Whose Wishes Come True After Venus Enters Gemini On May 23

Here's a time for putting the Law of Attraction to good use.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Wishes Come True After Venus Enters Gemini On May 23 anes-design, EyeJoy from Getty Images Signature, Nikko from Pixabay | Canva Pro

Of all the things we all wish for, when we make a wish, the top three have to be 'money, love and health.' With money in the number one spot. We've long ago given up the idea that 'money is the root of all evil,' knowing that words wrongly spoken and quoted for all of eternity are a far worse evil. This is a world that requires money, so how can we believe that this requirement is where evil begins? The power of words is far greater than we know, and to believe in those words makes us slaves to those words.


Which is why we can celebrate the idea of money, wishing for it, wanting it, and making it. Here's a time for putting the Law of Attraction to good use; instead of believing in the 'terrors' of money, let's put our minds to attracting it our way, knowing we'll do something GREAT with it once it's ours.

Three zodiac signs are already on the path of abundance, as we see money as a good thing and never a bad thing. We've got a Sagittarius Full Moon taking place at the same time as a Jupiter/Neptune alignment, and all of this spells cash in the bank, money in hand, and plentiful abundance. Who's up for getting paid? Let's do this.


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3 zodiac signs whose wishes come true after Venus enters Gemini on May 23

1. Taurus

You are unstoppable when it comes to generating positive energy. You've fully signed on to the Law of Attraction when it comes to drumming up money out of thin air; nothing can get in your way, or at least, there's nothing that can STAY in your way. You are a Taurus, and you mean business, and in this case, we mean real business, as in money, money, money.

You've got this incredible Sagittarius Full Moon upon you and it has you thinking of new and ingenious ways to attract abundance in your life, and you won't be deterred when others tell you it's all a pipe dream. If they wish to rain on your parade, that's their problem, as you are here to make it rain money. You believe in yourself, and whether or not you are experiencing the fruits of your mind power at the moment, you are definitely experiencing the joys of positive thinking.

The idea of improving your life is something to take seriously, and you are only too happy to make a revolution of it. Friends, lovers, and family are all invited into your world of abundance and plenty. You are willing to share, and you are open to new ideas, as well. Whatever makes the world you are living in move at a brisk pace towards wealth and happiness — that's what you're here for.


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2. Libra

May 23 is a day of recognizing how your talents will launch you into a place of great abundance. You have always known how to play your cards right, Libra, and during the Sagittarius Full Moon, you'll see that it takes action and focuses on making your amazing dreams come true. You aren't here to waste your time; you have decided to go for the gold, and in this way, you seek to improve your status in life.

During the Sagittarius Full Moon, you'll make decisive actions to create the abundance you see in your mind. You aren't wasting time being a dreamer, although you are chasing a dream. But your dream is realistic, and you've learned through trial and error that realism is what gets the job done. You can have it all as long as 'it all' falls within the realm of 'doable.'

The Neptune influence is what has you knowing that you can create something from nothing — like magic, but the engine here is made up of action. Something from nothing, yes, but the lubricant that allows this to happen is called effort, and you have the energy, the drive, and the purpose. You are all about improving your lot in life, and on May 23, you will start that engine up.


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3. Capricorn

When you get an idea in your mind, Capricorn, you execute it efficiently and with style. You are a dedicated worker, and nothing stops you once you decide to dedicate yourself to the cause. On May 23, you will find that during the Sagittarius Full Moon, you are 'full' of great ideas and the power and drive to back these ideas to fruition. You are, like Taurus, unstoppable.

While you may find that your concentration tends to block out the other people in your life, you have made it known to anyone who needs you that your focus is now on creating abundance. You aren't doing this for yourself alone, and they know it. This is the beauty of finding yourself amidst others who allow you the space to be yourself; you can create money-making situations that benefit all...if you are left to your own devices.

This is a beautiful time in your life, Capricorn, and you'll be able to show yourself and others that money is not only NOT the root of all evil but how you can create goodness. You have never been selfish in your life, and you don't plan on being that way soon. You see money as a beautiful thing that allows for greatness to flow. This is how you improve your own life as well as the lives of others.


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